Microsoft Windows XP, 5.1.2600.2096


General information
File format
  • Executable (.EXE)
Bootable No
Architecture x86
  • English
  • Service Pack

Install information
Full buildtag 5.1.2600.2096 (xpsp_sp2_rc1.040311-2315)
BIOS date 12/03/2004
Product Key n/a


This build contains a few updated programs and new Security Options.

After installation of this Service Pack, it shows the OOBE again, asking you to Help protect your PC with Automatic Updates, when the desktop is loaded it shows you the new Security Center and it already asks you for allowing Windows Messenger to use the Internet.
With the updated Security Center, Microsoft also updated the dialog boxes for Automatic Updates and Windows Firewall (previously only a basic function was included on the dialogbox of the network adapter).

There is also a link to give feedback on Service Pack 2, but it routes to a webadress not functioning anymore (although the domain is still online and generates a Internal Server Error when visited).

Remote Desktop Connection now shows the Windows buildnumber. Windows Media Player has been upgraded to version 9, previously version 8 was used.
Windows Movie Maker has had a overhaul and is updated to version 2.1, but with the new security enhancements it crashes on the first start-up with DEP (Data Execution Prevention) a new security measure included in Service Pack 2, since it doesn't trust this program.
And finally Windows Messenger is updated to version 4.7.3000.


MD5: 36778649395B5413416A7E8AD49E0586

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