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Welcome to The Collection Book

This website has been developed by Beta Testers for everyone who is interested in the history of Windows, how it is developed and how it has evolved over the years.
The build pages themselves help you with the installation and evaluation of Beta Software by giving you the information needed about the installation, workarounds and fixes.
We also carry a large screenshot collection in our gallery of various builds, so if you don't have either access to those builds or want to know how it looks like before a long download and installation check it here.
If you are missing some files such as Drivers, find them and other tips in the Information section.

Do you see some information, fixes or other stuff that is missing from TCB, such as enabling hidden items?
Or do you have builds that aren't featured on TCB yet?
Did you find a error, as small as a spelling mistake or just wrong information that doesn't work?
Or do you want to contribute Screenshots for our Member Contribution gallery?
Then contact us via Facebook, Twitter or just e-mail us so we can get right on it and fix it.

We hope you enjoy our website and find it useful for your Beta needs!
     - The Collection Book