Microsoft Windows XP, 5.1.2433.1


General information
File format
  • Compact Disc
Bootable Yes
Architecture x86
  • English
  • Personal

Install information
Full buildtag 5.1.2433.1 (main.010206-1822)
BIOS date 07/02/2001
Timebomb 06/08/2001 (+180 days)
Product Key DTWB2-VX8WY-FG8R3-X696T-66Y46


The Out-of-Box Experience has changed slightly, it now tests the internet connection and will asks you for static IP's (you can select dynamic).
The Explorer Windows now use smaller buttons in the toolbar unlike 2430 and the ''Blue'' Luna theme is still the only color available along with the Windows Classic Theme.
Also this is a Personal (Home Edition) SKU, so it during and after setup you can't join a domain.


MD5: 4766F8EB1A9DEC21E7EBE9903EB80869


Possible BSOD during Setup:
It is possible to run into a BSOD during the format of the Hard Drive.
If it happens, restart setup, delete the partition and recreate it, then select NTFS Quick Format.

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