Microsoft Windows Vista, 6.0.6002.18005


General information
File format
  • DVD
Bootable Yes
Architecture x64, x86
  • Arabic
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  • Chinese Taiwan
  • Croatian
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  • Starter
  • Ultimate
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  • Ultimate K
  • Ultimate KN

Install information
Full buildtag 6.0.6002.18005 (lh_sp2rtm.090410-1830)
BIOS date 11/04/2009
Product Key n/a


This build is mainly unchanged since Service Pack 1 due to that Service Packs are mainly a collection of previously released updates between RTM and/or Service Packs, it only has a new Bluetooth Devices icon in the Control Panel.

Special Editions
Like Windows XP and the RTM and Service Pack 1, this version includes the N edition which lacks Windows Media Components like Media Player.
With Service Pack 1, Microsoft also released the K and KN editions, those are only released in the Korean Language.
The K edition includes links to competing instant-messaging and media-player software, the KN edition is the same as K and N combined, thus including links to competing products and missing Windows Media Components.


MD5 x86: 51F3E41CC917B9F37CD4341E67F8DD72
MD5 x64: FFA9302D1B8531EC6B616C1AED85DE23
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 2D9F5456D88454A6B7EE890E14C99F37
MD5 x64 Enterprise: B376DE98D50BA5E1713B1E362280B637

MD5 x86 with N: F436DD889F950C42C34CEACA6AADCA43
MD5 x64: F1F00A6F0A47278E452F364A1A6C65F7
MD5 x64 N: 23C05F253E8BD895C450E4848275E3CF
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 30863489A5BDD13DBD3345AC9CC10388
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 1411E79B11EFB79FE250DB22A032F431

Chinese (Hong Kong SAR):
MD5 x86: D40E454918CEA2CEB41AD4936C9ED3BA
MD5 x64: A9C8FD750AFB12B0308F4132E3BBD6DF
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 3F2581018524078F9E439DECA9E05848
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 2359D94A1708531EFB6C09FE20C9BE9C

Chinese (Simplified):
MD5 x86: FC91386DD85EA8DFD87D705AAEADEE46
MD5 x64: 8F597367FFB0FC9BF27F66C41BE61353
MD5 x86 Enterprise: C20B0F3F296CD422F875D37B848C942F
MD5 x64 Enterprise: E42C0F66760082AAAF9848BD33DAD988

Chinese (Traditional):
MD5 x86: AD2E00D087959DA183D5F11B559723D7
MD5 x64: CFE7A0EF376B1558F70D061810470933
MD5 x86 Enterprise: C451B7DAC0CEB56520E31120CA245F71
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 8325021FC8A444A409BD25AAAABAF8D6

MD5 x86: EB97174CFE62AEE7665EC16E24BD28C1
MD5 x64: C6802B41DAFA3CA8CEF961267DD0B6B5
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 3F2AAAE78B4B6673DE21A0926F5E4E51
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 2895CC25E26AF8A879FB8808112DF4D7

MD5 x86 with N: 524587F5755D6ECDCC9AC95108914DFD
MD5 x64: 5E02F50A6E49CE7DBDD601FE8B51B850
MD5 x64 N: AD136616BF3CF20E3ED78EC67E60A2C3
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 4E22FE91F25D0628C2348F1D0F7AC6D3
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 17679E7FE409BF10C80CDF0401693C57

MD5 x86 with N: D582A15497611F66ED6A2C9889E37A8B
MD5 x64: E69B89CE516B80D514B3A0C976A854E5
MD5 x64 N: 1E07B6DD98A3527F5A496C861276B724
MD5 x86 Enterprise: B2495194010D2029E17380B86930A6A4
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 3227452A5EA17918160BD8017D593876

MD5 x86 with N: 7B08BDF676D0BCF632833E098FE0A1F1
MD5 x64: CCD8D487139156A0F543859F0027BCC4
MD5 x64 N: 7F4419C08E51B06B7A58C19F97D6612B
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 4742C7DCD5375719F8D2B75813146105
MD5 x64 Enterprise: E1968329135E122A78713B231EE3BA9C

MD5 x86 with N: 19CA90A425667812977BAB6F4CE24175
MD5 x64: A1C024D7ABAF34BAC3368E88EFBC2574
MD5 x64 N: 8BB3C66DCA5A91A65ED0B601A32FCCDA
MD5 x86 Check/Debug: DDE0C48C1A69D5CB4494C53723907687
MD5 x64 Check/Debug: 51E7C1104F7AFC125ED2A5309A7B8EEF
MD5 x86 Enterprise: EB4F22841C44FAB0BDE3EC8091C5FAAB
MD5 x64 Enterprise: B7A3A65B6C45543E0B37C004997A7E25

MD5 x86 with N: A08D5C6C774D1E621FF26BA2FFC960E8
MD5 x64: 7DE8B99ABF1E9F398AA2D5E23467B979
MD5 x86 Enterprise: FCA9E27531F0B4B529AFA7C8210D853D
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 42FD6FE804A7A7E339C8FF91F8EA23D6

MD5 x86 with N: 51889568FE223BDC0798B00194C38D96
MD5 x64: 72AF2F3D8451563F481B2F97CAF229CB
MD5 x64 N: 1DF12226ABBD9B2ACAB305C5B2290679
MD5 x86 Enterprise: F550421E77FFE00B8AEF00CD747CB500
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 8CAD60347A2579E85D44885BA36BEE60

MD5 x86 with N: 739A5504F3052ACD4CD3CFDBFF826DEA
MD5 x64: 6379238708E0282D505484535942A5B6
MD5 x64 N: 7073E0398865013262D1F509573C65FD
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 1FFA1C6BF1CE7B10D85D8E76B0C8E15E
MD5 x64 Enterprise: BDF3230D39D9378839E04C1FBE88D2E7

MD5 x86 with N: B29BBDB34A2881966177536E8B6D1A1B
MD5 x64: 15049744FCC736A927EF4D661FFEDDA7
MD5 x64 N: 99269118AB36C3F22BF2AD6193CA99C7
MD5 x86 Enterprise: C885E0F32EF740C38A27E510F5D2707F
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 77FA56A16D1E7B166CF34ACD45056A91

MD5 x86 with N: 6F0207095F5EF443C2442F606D1CE453
MD5 x64: CBE6D6766BC00B8305A5A2EF458EC224
MD5 x64 N: AA48223732C394E557BAC1C28F6B02D4
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 57AD9EC4F6AAF634AE78BDB0B16BB034
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 883466C354F2BDA45029BB2978933205

MD5 x86: 716FAFA895C39664935A110F509E3C7E
MD5 x64: 8F6A0A1DFCB21A121E7A0AF27827D0E8
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 0FFD7E9AFC4D83DEA1EA6897D9D0C226
MD5 x64 Enterprise: F2D4A220307E520FBB87365E60C5F416

MD5 x86 with N: 1DEF06841FFE1E61920F161000E9479A
MD5 x64: 86CD6044CA465F255B83376E8E5947FD
MD5 x64 N: CC23EC833993F36D56F5BC4B9AEA3E6C
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 9791618B10CDCDC81C10FBD1DE4CDAF7
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 09736293F9214101875F65FB4561D7FC

MD5 x86 with N: 93291A84DD17CE9FE84EE80E36AE50FC
MD5 x64: 254495DE48354EE4FF56AE38DA19C5CC
MD5 x64 N: 4A395F48A7D63ED4E43D6E3F047BB360
MD5 x86 Enterprise: FACA9060528FE06E75AF2FEFB14DF7DA
MD5 x64 Enterprise: CFA492561DD92ED08B001CC077CCCA10

MD5 x86: 65D7B06BAB37A354CCBBB5D5B570CA6C
MD5 x64: 08EF4F9F49840BF0F6AD56ED3B66EA1C
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 0CCC9427E8159FBDD7E3FF0404C21FEA
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 5355CEF35A7840B225B07CE5D457E894

MD5 x86 K & KN: F53C7888FF9A130233FC390092D2D39C
MD5 x64 K: 7102BF85FC11F9F9ABDB5B524DC75AD3
MD5 x64 KN: 0F30F7462409E2C97BDC01968675B6DC
MD5 x86 Enterprise K: D40C470A225A2D884F5216441863D680
MD5 x86 Enterprise KN: 13231959CDB92217A72561BD00E6F333
MD5 x64 Enterprise K: D8769D13A41FED42288EDA1826F82F3A
MD5 x64 Enterprise KN: FF10D6417F667B7BB9CF19C89304CD48

MD5 x86 with N: 1251871DC54963CB47FB6A2AA3C02D23
MD5 x64: 00E330A60609A9118A34C85D1F6D95F0
MD5 x64 N: 6879E7AEBAC3905EBDC78B914BA5E8AD
MD5 x86 Enterprise: A5A41D8FF1186861791EF9804665E587
MD5 x64 Enterprise: B825E8D12C89A83CF5D99C52EE80F144

MD5 x86 with N: 82FB016C8E7E33A9D76A589F35CB7DD0
MD5 x64: 8FE62C48E73742BF6980C21A34087A2C
MD5 x64 N: A4B6969C65DEF9D129FB0600D3FF03E0
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 7FDBE97D839EF1D8697DE8DF15EE0523
MD5 x64 Enterprise: B1BA6B4E09C1A8C6AF25587D3E7D8A32

MD5 x86 with N: 4BDA8F183EBE8FDB3935E6A77CEC3CB3
MD5 x64: F6AB4DD6A698C703EA65DA2518D73E89
MD5 x64 N: 04DC4A6E3257076BE82D4BFAB8CB9E4D
MD5 x86 Enterprise: C219C09888A58D1D190BA77A5C0CDB73
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 15EEAF45261208388D0EB2687A6F880F

MD5 x86 with N: 8B7243F3F4B38204E55BB6F03DA1C3FC
MD5 x64: 9E5AB8C9C88FFE83D49F942EEFC8E58A
MD5 x64 N: E406893EA8514C85E255DB20C80ECB14
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 6C6182CC479B1584736A7FC810F3489C
MD5 x64 Enterprise: AA24C3FF07A5FFA3B231F0E2D2BDF910

Portuguese (Brazil):
MD5 x86: 4657CCF3CBC6684074E9FE840A3A276C
MD5 x64: 4CC1D1A16765939ED98032DCA5663690
MD5 x86 Enterprise: D5015D1ADF6F6D4E9B956ECA56F6FEBB
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 73C617FDCDF7599F7DA326000EE5E06D

Portuguese (Portugal):
MD5 x86 with N: E385AF60E92FC0B6B991FB42BC14DAB3
MD5 x64: C2801824CE1AD0C5366FF71CCE7B8BDB
MD5 x64 N: F692CF30FE17F2FDABD2F90B8D122B6E
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 4996D0FD93403C645595BD5EF281913F
MD5 x64 Enterprise: AD9D5A3D3AC78EE988FC678061DC9DEB

MD5 x86 with N: 64EC35403C02EBD20D8944045C6B9C0A
MD5 x64: F57948199412342387E6B6AE50583D50
MD5 x64 N: FC95337184B262431FAB619708A684EF
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 465138EA62D3B00EC2E37D610D05FFF4
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 0E951EE8692D8100BACBCA5AEBC81971

MD5 x86: A65C5FDA306ECFE50546A380EA5A7D65
MD5 x64: AAFA79902DA7275E580369DA4E0C433B
MD5 x86 Enterprise: A529CEB240FBB7247AA4E1BDB9CED196
MD5 x64 Enterprise: FE5BAD7373799FDE8FC31659668995A0

Serbian (Latin):
MD5 x86: 4BD3E4A8BEC12E04148A7A1DD9510793
MD5 x64: 322527A30CBC833384CFCE629ABBE0F6
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 98ED0F1869046A1D7A3523838CC89010
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 6F839E23653874A96C69A16FF564EDD6

MD5 x86 with N: B3A399707C27B19099D34149671C8F58
MD5 x64: E78567B64EA6AD21E163C42EB6259F7B
MD5 x64 N: DE86B9AC8D33039F9F8660A0EAC13027
MD5 x86 Enterprise: F8B01B755690566577F7BA890742CAE5
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 3132375D6B2D8400DE2A77C1F72F8429

MD5 x86 with N: 12C0011CF383B53B0D08941A19498340
MD5 x64: C7322BDD68C53358D006D7DC5D73C365
MD5 x64 N: E415BF78F1E1EDE4F212DA094C159DA4
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 8D7902FADEAF0EF03B336A534557116D
MD5 x64 Enterprise: A06B7313184D229A31B503BFFF2429C4

MD5 x86 with N: 4FB3C703390FB37FF51FB5FB0765AFF4
MD5 x64: 3957862D72557C0651BBC881EAA615E6
MD5 x64 N: 53FB002C302E44195EE54EFC41966079
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 527171AC2B02787FFDCE3564B863C102
MD5 x64 Enterprise: D9E007F42793EB15FD90DCD887CABEA6

MD5 x86 with N: 2DE3C8192E5E46BF0D97D753D20A1F9B
MD5 x64: A4C7EF5B1AF1A0233E64157FD233AAA6
MD5 x64 N: 582E82E1DAA438F303DC6CA2F881914B
MD5 x86 Enterprise: A3B34B77A4FD2FF1ACC8895EB84D6356
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 89D6F582FA257F874010C02DDCC7E6ED

MD5 x86: 242124F56A2C7E3E0342FF9CE77C745D
MD5 x64: F60967D6E7C1986EEBC57E4BBBB63B72
MD5 x86 Enterprise: BA1F0FDD29CD758D2B865D9B03A1364F
MD5 x64 Enterprise: B721EF42091FD23F007112674AD16A07

MD5 x86: AA3FBB0DAB023C5183680BE9486E4A29
MD5 x64: 2B3903F30757C1331E4E4B4921DFEB58
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 8A0445D72302D7361FAB6341A94C069C
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 8063BD2518AEDE8CAD9C213471745FDF

MD5 x86: 4E672C5F4B271977DEA2C3BEC02EB628
MD5 x64: EAA56F37A586FE1911043F834AC52B59
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 65310E82CDDB4C3B7CB9178190549E81
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 091E430A9186E69469EB694ED95083C7

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