Microsoft Windows Vista, 6.0.6001.18000


General information
File format
  • DVD
Bootable Yes
Architecture x64, x86
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  • Ultimate
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  • Ultimate K
  • Ultimate KN

Install information
Full buildtag 6.0.6001.18000 (longhorn_rtm.080118-1840)
BIOS date 19/01/2008
Product Key n/a


This build includes Service Pack 1 into the RTM.
You notice some changes in the Setup Routine, like a new Setup Background.
After installation it is mostly the same but Windows Ultimate Extra's information is less then it was in the RTM.

The Disc Images are grown that the 64-bit N editions have a seperate disc, but the 32-bit editions can come on 1 disc.
With the RTM, Microsoft also released a CD Version but for SP1 there weren't made.

Special Editions
Like Windows XP and the RTM, this version includes the N edition which lacks Windows Media Components like Media Player.
With Service Pack 1, Microsoft also released the K and KN editions, those are only released in the Korean Language.
The K edition includes links to competing instant-messaging and media-player software, the KN edition is the same as K and N combined, thus including links to competing products and missing Windows Media Components.


MD5 x86: B35EF65654C0ACD5CEF3543104FABB2F
MD5 x64: 2E2A2558A4D7D92386B2DA93DD57007C
MD5 x86 Enterprise: A164862E220ACBCBE31DFF3ABE416337
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 3FFAD5D6215C8FCD308C4787CDE82BC9

MD5 x86 with N: DA174B23C4319199DF3BA6474A81AA38
MD5 x64: E25B91BD02744C2B541F43BC0889BC19
MD5 x64 N: 5D45BC2108F50A3DDE9CCDCBEB25D96D
MD5 x86 Enterprise: C412B192137EAC4CDF3E6E6119ED8864
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 6E745F05D841381881F4A18EC03B4DF2

Chinese (Hong Kong SAR):
MD5 x86: 741FE0B9954E33A75D505870DA27A70A
MD5 x64: 57EE79B265815F6EEF660A403257E0A8
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 981543E07B632D42CDED8AE0EF8C4383
MD5 x64 Enterprise: FC231A2A5F6752B69941BA87089FE41C

Chinese (Simplified):
MD5 x86: F3774C96431814DC7F51D7A6D3955778
MD5 x64: 4F8C0550D561988E25DCC018EA492C16
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 9682B46152EB4210FBA6FD8A9F5310A6
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 70D54D32DBCFF7C49D1A9419497B9649

Chinese (Traditional):
MD5 x86: 81B90A8EA6E2BB8F070E3D6125C10C1A
MD5 x64: 2D7D9C5D52C5D770D3A7EB84A74CB040
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 0274B7764B36A77E2BB95BC2B1A5F613
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 41E80C10A393AD23273637A8405B3275

MD5 x86: 20307D7036E870090E0B9D9619700C93
MD5 x64: 3E69AA256A73CC37A026995C63F18806
MD5 x86 Enterprise: A8A48F4B02B806354A1723C85059E3D6
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 623973C84D52DD4DB5E5019FAFC0424B

MD5 x86 with N: 346644A1380EC9493F88C07CD89B020A
MD5 x64: 5F7BFCEA6B1E07E0EE9F011E3BB3CEF7
MD5 x64 N: A774B6F9A9D17004E23A7A5F29A9A0EA
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 5124A5C3ED7F3AF701D3863B8F8705B7
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 264980442E7E346610C90DF769058E1E

MD5 x86 with N: B3C85B085461700FE8B98395E9F1A39A
MD5 x64: 68215FE86FF1943BA296D93963356282
MD5 x64 N: A2A50C6CDAF0E97A3716227BCB57622F
MD5 x86 Enterprise: B9BD9EC156DE4A83FCEF6AFA9D0D3C4B
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 7D40B1295575744D9841C966B2CAD424

MD5 x86 with N: AB0EC0B6E5F47829E70FBF7CF67C082C
MD5 x64: 5E9627AD0BDA0482E68D842E667D1E31
MD5 x64 N: 2AE93E95DAFB98CDBC1622A04CA474F0
MD5 x86 Enterprise: F19D9C7578857961FEC4CDB52C6B099D
MD5 x64 Enterprise: EAD3486157A3A0B6D808EC3373D7C0E5

MD5 x86 with N: B09267740DDD1A08D80B04EC6BBC232A
MD5 x64: E4CE0B193D94279E4DCE1098D6B5AFEB
MD5 x64 N: 1EDFEF21D29CAA5179C01A4537512361
MD5 x86 Check/Debug: 0C119ADC26F7F278F3197C8C97E696C3
MD5 x64 Check/Debug: DB5586CB0293C892D8AE8108B35F693C
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 3DAABA34BA7973A72BFD359C2D75D7CE
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 6ADA7AD912E8D931E88C235C4F4452EE

MD5 x86 with N: 19259F1829FD1ACA23AE4851C14995AB
MD5 x64: D94E7A38F4BA345437DD0A315BB907E9
MD5 x64 N: EB2C5527B3E472086F3D093663056297
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 557A1F2B13FB7B44997036B5C37989E3
MD5 x64 Enterprise: FDC43B333FD1F79431A4FFC5D86C9465

MD5 x86 with N: DCDC0BB3D1C339C8B6EC2CA3B720A927
MD5 x64: FE333F73CE127CE159ABED2093056A9B
MD5 x64 N: 1C490CCAE0E5E7223BD1BEEEC07ECA9A
MD5 x86 Enterprise: FC7545761846FD7FED750C2288F6E510
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 852AA1463D58090D32DE2F83D9E111F5

MD5 x86 with N: 3CB5E3EE8237B59482023AD4D6A19438
MD5 x64: 8FECAE5C2B9A6C9792EC86A805490F67
MD5 x64 N: 9B394DBEB023DB0A22BD732FF5A86027
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 4B28416D194555A1EDECF0760FB3973A
MD5 x64 Enterprise: D9AE16FD4600843E6D08F130D70DE609

MD5 x86 with N: 73401F821BE0E82B4645B76D749252ED
MD5 x64: 48A6A0B34402075C7E98AFDBF68781D2
MD5 x64 N: 6F3848E80E28A81D9BF5D65A764EA6E8
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 582CA5E7D6CB58C3706D92F8E7E39AFB
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 759DB85009C4EE1A1745FE4E066AEAA6

MD5 x86 with N: 4DDDC0B6986EC3DE0E05AA3006FD007D
MD5 x64: 7076568C4D1DF2FE1EA30DD5E7378FCD
MD5 x64 N: F9CCDC0D7D1909897036E61D19DC1EB1
MD5 x86 Enterprise: BB2189A8822994D7A7E442A56107CD9A
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 8873575F7C19332151634B4D55BF063C

MD5 x86: 3A315E15E9FB079E51F181AB013BC07A
MD5 x64: B92BFB392214840A18DB06F1A3D4C3C3
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 5B9F8CC421E92D22016282D32266F316
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 577C8D864F2AD8D4659F336E61CC6A55

MD5 x86 with N: 2DFDED86EF92028053812AF935D53EA1
MD5 x64: D4600BF3FDFCCD174198C4E6A3298832
MD5 x64 N: DA9BA52E0C30C0E1CBA6E9C4CD618887
MD5 x86 Enterprise: AC3A5018DB430AECB985609824349F14
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 6E230030D3FA0901FF9086D639154E7E

MD5 x86 with N: 08B587C14B8E075655E426D332F03AC5
MD5 x64: 4EAC59D507088AF5E664837303509A12
MD5 x64 N: F24D03532BA9C2204DEB65EE884B5FC2
MD5 x86 Enterprise: AE1CB14461B51EAA3361C5775B028B55
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 2DCAE6B6EBFB3CC7A6DB2A1473989A7E

MD5 x86: 02D906B3FE3F4BCF4CB014B406D161BF
MD5 x64: 9542B3CACC5BEE6E006003B25CA92CA8
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 300D239D898173FAA60EECB581046449
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 0FCC0FA3D6B666E508CDEF7DAA315BAE

MD5 x86 K & KN: F2B156BEE9CA3B5336E11D37B567C649
MD5 x64 K: 3469B7DACB57EB5545114685C6C789FA
MD5 x64 KN: 1ADA370C0806E4656E68305827578144
MD5 x86 Enterprise K: 87E73B05214B47286B5D796C524F57C6
MD5 x86 Enterprise KN: 0946E3E445F2648DBCE5997B8A6FB061
MD5 x64 Enterprise K: 96702C3DBC8A09DBB769CCE084CA89FB
MD5 x64 Enterprise KN: 34EF0A0B93B6B3439F7416813260C94C

MD5 x86 with N: D7DE5AB27B6D11921A18622B4BA30A8D
MD5 x64: D83D57DF73DEAFCD4CF62521BAB5D539
MD5 x64 N: B9885CFB3E3685297A0D742259B70D25
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 4E0D632A9415A25F0EBB939A3FA6981F
MD5 x64 Enterprise: A6EE31ED69EF47791C6B074D3F56B320

MD5 x86 with N: F4AC75AF1FD335D58EEC5A1F38DA72BA
MD5 x64: 297045603572B30444C0274838FC1260
MD5 x64 N: 1C0AE3138A515EEAE35E705CBAE11F01
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 3381E9632B247792C61BB0D6777E52E1
MD5 x64 Enterprise: B783E951893F1386DAB151DCEAF9B650

MD5 x86 with N: F35FDAB698719CDE8AC3D2DFB9D8C550
MD5 x64: D45B49CF389AF837FCE874B1A3BA9721
MD5 x64 N: A2EBD3F929A2FA17D5B4123385BC19D0
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 2141037297ABE17F58FA43DAEC2C155D
MD5 x64 Enterprise: C2AE9032BFB564F93796EE425ABA46DB

MD5 x86 with N: B698CFF58CF4BD35189A632EC4CC3612
MD5 x64: 1CD2644160E6A23630BB3035EF5B3CC3
MD5 x64 N: 1279BC763EF5F6095D13CE1C09282556
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 17C9506B59CA098488EDAD057FF1DA27
MD5 x64 Enterprise: BBCFF6A811C0576B7096103B93137920

Portuguese (Brazil):
MD5 x86: 1DEA274C5C5EDDE0C88230D68C173C41
MD5 x64: DCAB846D54058C3EC4D0967189EFF5FE
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 46585DEED38C6844BF037FAC805789F4
MD5 x64 Enterprise: C2B3BD3FB4484401F0A1104EA23ED697

Portuguese (Portugal):
MD5 x86 with N: 24BEB8C79A0F1EB1CCE1716712622C84
MD5 x64: 39C04211038811C4F1F32024D309C94F
MD5 x64 N: 69F9DEBBDB79887C4BF450A7F849AAD1
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 6DB1215E60DF86DBBD1C7C4C96B16A3D
MD5 x64 Enterprise: E4E34B40EABD692533ACC860AF8E8FED

MD5 x86 with N: 9401F3883B05133DC077F016A9F1669B
MD5 x64: AA91FB1DCC69BAC79BDB094A5371FAC0
MD5 x64 N: 89CB7B6C397194F0B521761C005CCAA9
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 1777008719782948541D61566EA98D63
MD5 x64 Enterprise: FD566977620FF0781F88703BA0AA96B0

MD5 x86: 1A0461F0118804E7A458223DA91E2C4D
MD5 x64: 1B45506A659E344612CB0E799D7B9DC1
MD5 x86 Enterprise: F54DD86128095AF0F8CAC2D376DA1432
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 31C6A256BEB5C4EE4661CBEA4A374C46

Serbian (Latin):
MD5 x86: 01F961172FB02513E817AECDF4F47B0C
MD5 x64: 5CE6049C51AF5BBFD6B9D96D583165FC
MD5 x86 Enterprise: E6E6B06B384F84CA6C5276B9C5BE33DC
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 7E0DB790FF92B36F92CC82F47B312754

MD5 x86 with N: A8B0D551AE99C975758CE18F33F9F0EB
MD5 x64: E332EA77FAB8F73A3D91AFC169CEBC21
MD5 x64 N: C6CB38C792D179B7C40F6293AAA8A523
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 4869A3D0B99A539ABB4927A4F23B11E8
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 2F15A0BE4FB8BED32E97864B0E8A5E44

MD5 x86 with N: CC5C5669CC62D02402991C4E286F7FE6
MD5 x64: E0DCEC3B41092C6E905970C0B0088FAA
MD5 x64 N: D252B22AAE45FB5BAE2983EC6BA72B15
MD5 x86 Enterprise: A37D3AE327B756FFD3A6E1004BA68CFB
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 08E59A391E85C19CE72A85B4E1A12FD5

MD5 x86 with N: D734DD8E97945D3F1B229D5067CFB93C
MD5 x64: AFE7435B0F4824ACF02EFC6BC174E6D9
MD5 x64 N: F9B49937F55757A2BDFE83180E51D95A
MD5 x86 Enterprise: F87A11B1B1DFB54B57A0E58B0B947161
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 299BEE5F024B65057ED31D2769E73632

MD5 x86 with N: 6971C99FAE8A7678A631F1991623C624
MD5 x64: 5784CA14E1C4B2DB8062E8122AEF74F5
MD5 x64 N: ED650E143E6CF480F46D448A3844C6B9
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 98F5D3DB47D04012A988307684DE8EE3
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 657AB71BE84176682F98F78DCC38B755

MD5 x86: C87FCAA9C20BAC2EF24DFA62BAEC8632
MD5 x64: 3E144D669A4C22F2439FDFD17192FC55
MD5 x86 Enterprise: B16686ABC26C0ACACAF501D7C8CADFA3
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 049C47DF8F59594EF75F370CB29F18AE

MD5 x86: 042E7B46767987DD8A34EFA3CA8F6009
MD5 x64: 1102EB536EEBBA2DDA441E2027334757
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 2522715E6B3ACC4B0B0D248E39804CC0
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 64F63A45F3AB71DE4FD5BAB3B99E9F0D

MD5 x86: 04693F1E6B963CAE5F46CDD23FD34D75
MD5 x64: 5B761ADE8744BC2F26FD136F0109FF75
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 64ACCE46B6E3A7E8D8CE3CCB9C2FC151
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 608A2E8484AB9BE6D4E2F6DF8F67444B

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