Microsoft Windows Vista, 6.0.5231.0


General information
File format
  • DVD
Bootable Yes
Architecture x86
  • English
  • Ultimate

Install information
Full buildtag 6.0.5231.0 (winmain.050912-2020)
BIOS date 13/09/2005
Timebomb 31/05/2006 (+260 days)
Product Key GKFV7-F2D9H-QKYXY-777P3-4M73W


This build introduced some changes to the UI again.
During Setup, you don't get an installation page summary, it goes to the hard-drive and partition page, then to the Computer Name page.

After installation in on the desktop it still used the Beta 1 wallpaper.
The System Properties has changed it's layout.
In the Control Panel you find some extra applications and some applications have been enhanced, new items include a Mobility Center (non-functional), Network Center, Network Map, Saved Networks (non-functional).
Some items have been enhanced like the Audio Devices and Sound Themes, Auxiliary Displays, Internet Properties, Power Options, Security Center.

Included Applications in Windows itself are also enhanced or updated, such as Media Player 10/11, it identifies itself as 10 in setup, but 11 in the version screen, it also includes a Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool, Help and Support has an updated look as does Windows Calendar.
Windows Media Center is still Version 2005, but with Update Rollup 2.
A new application named Code Name: Windows Collaboration is included but fails to start and the UAP Settings are now enabled by default, in the previous build they were disabled.


MD5: 0D8A41EDBDDAB2D2CA2513C5A50A33F0


Use Microsoft Virtual PC for this build, VMware generates an BSOD.
But hang on for a long installation and after it will be slow.
Be sure that you applied the BIOS Date fix and install VMAdditions, so it works in a higher resolution.

Installation - HDD
When you selecting your installation destination you get a message that the partition is not ready for installation.
Partition and Format the drive using Setup via New and Format then reboot the machine and it will now continue to install.

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