Microsoft Windows Vista, 6.0.3713.0


General information
File format
  • Compact Disc
Bootable Yes
Architecture x86
  • English
  • Media Center Edition
  • Professional
  • Tablet PC Edition

Install information
Full buildtag 6.0.3713.0 (Lab06_N.021113-1841)
BIOS date 14/11/2002
Timebomb 09/11/2003 (+360 days)
Product Key CKY24-Q8QRH-X3KMR-C6BCY-T847Y


In this build the Sidebar is enabled by default.
The Control Panel does not have a classic view and in the options the icons are missing, so the Control Panel is limited.
In the Explorer the animated details view at the top is now static with a smaller icon, the left bar also doesn't contain options besides the ''Find''.

Windows Media Player has been updated to version 9, it also includes a Desktop Manager, which enables the use of 4 desktops you can switch between them with win+1/2/3/4, all feature a different wallpaper by default.

Enable Media Center:
Open Add/Remove Windows Components in the Add or Remove Programs and tick Freestyle, point the location to D:\i386 and reboot.
This version of Media Center opens and works, but it crashes often while using.
It also contains a mytvapp.container which is an Avalon based application for Media Center, which opens in Internet Explorer.

Enable Tablet PC:
Open Add/Remove Windows Components in the Add or Remove Programs and tick Tablet PC.
It includes the on-screen keyboard, tutorials, Sticky Notes and Windows Journal (won't start).

This build includes the MyTVapp, it is an application for recording and watching TV.
It application is a Avalon container which is opened in Internet Explorer.

Start Page Launcher
Download the Start Page Launcher made by Stanimir Stoyanov:
To run it locally name your machine SHELLTEST and create a folder on your C:\ drive called scratch with a folder inside it called ewad.
In that folder place the OOBE.XML provided or add your own lines to it.
Share the folder scratch.
Now just run StartPage.exe.


MD5: 98EEB78459E04F50829ABEE7D69D94FC

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