Microsoft Windows Me, 4.90.2332.2


General information
File format
  • Compact Disc
Bootable No
Architecture x86
  • English

Install information
Full buildtag 4.90.2332.2
BIOS date 14/07/1999
Timebomb 15/12/1999 (+155 days)
Product Key RBDC9-VTRC8-D7972-J97JY-PRVMG


This build identifies itself in certain points still as Windows 98.
The final stage of the setup doesn't feature a blue background but a sky background, after logging in you notice the Windows 2000 style icons on the desktop, the Explorer has a different style sidebar and a new About Windows dialog.


MD5: 304E6BE93DB711E3D113DF8B843581DD

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