Microsoft Windows 8.1, 6.3.9600.16404 (IR1)


General information
File format
  • DVD
Bootable Yes
Architecture x64, x86
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  • Pro with Media Center
  • Single Language

Install information
Full buildtag 6.3.9600.16404 (winblue_gdr.130913-2141)
BIOS date 14/09/2013
Product Key n/a


This is the General Availability Update that Microsoft has released on the day that Windows 8.1 went live.
For retail version it will be downloaded through Windows Update but for Volume License Customers the Pro versions come included with the update, as with the Enterprise Editions on MSDN/Technet.

It includes the Windows Update, but it doesn't include update Modern Apps, they are still the RTM Apps.


MD5 x86 Pro VL: 5B0BB6F7DBB15C4FBA79FE088D5EE6C7
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 760BDBF4D1E90AFC3F29F58ABA4C8910
MD5 x86 Enterprise: DF8232A22CEFFC810FAA99BF8AF9B852
MD5 x64 Enterprise: FBAD38008A7FB8050504D8ADD2B5B267

MD5 x86 Pro VL: 087A1A56FB181443718E2B83FF79F669
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 635B39A729148ED09999B10D345EB6A4
MD5 x86 Enterprise: BC9C988B3AFEE1F02B58E6D32DB85613
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 9C0C2C867FB11B5B81AA4C99B68729AD
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 927AAE5F7F4C0D1C943CB7521443FC88
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 270ABA0298E731CB095EF4726A9E60A0

Chinese Hong Kong SAR:
MD5 x86 Pro VL: 4964F9373A61A1816FD89006CB0636AD
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 8D757E8F4E8061F2CE243E353FCADA58
MD5 x86 Enterprise: B3642A6C1B798BCE791D00121B7983A3
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 6938BB1A7BC5C6F78921DFDB47D87480

Chinese Simplified:
MD5 x86 Pro VL: 2DE0711A92BEC38D391B0D7465D0CB29
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 5D6A943670282A41C283536F0324CD06
MD5 x86 Enterprise: F2A3B889DB04AA5CEC09027E6C8D4321
MD5 x64 Enterprise: C9BB3C2742425F849DF9FE8E281CE1E2

Chinese Taiwan:
MD5 x86 Pro VL: 1F4782B14E4BACC6FB0A50271E083A82
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 99238708DFEF4C86AD3CF0C1A4FED748
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 09269E2162CCE29A5938892F636E98B3
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 21C5A7E9E81204B054319246A830E28E

MD5 x86 Pro VL: E8E29B6124528938AF04A1B2A97B7A80
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 9E392BB4C1C4752E1873C6970DFC67B8
MD5 x86 Enterprise: A5F9C40CB22C04CF2A9EEED67E03B1D7
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 4EB98A2AC978781E4059246B55D5A90B
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: E42A4912AE8AC7E707A4AAA23CE41BC1
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: B0303F52EE470DFC0A12105C06F1A028

MD5 x86 Pro VL: 7EE0D7AD84815C18E6AE443E0AB6B69B
MD5 x64 Pro VL: B6EE29753DB5EE6A9BD2E88A6443A4DB
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 0801402A67973B3C0324D006192C1A4E
MD5 x64 Enterprise: F9843FCB0DF04F746F190CFF2600FCE5
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 748295EF32C3453DD14519390DE5E159
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: BA6FC1FCB8AA88D0AB6EFE0ABCBA681E

MD5 x86 Pro VL: DA1F4A069242A4C98B4D9DC59BE0AD57
MD5 x64 Pro VL: C305C3CA74EB04F7C54E7944A6A6812A
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 3C22ABD498B14DD15C9F4D7A04FC8C60
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 6C2913CB4596E6C745397C773B3C367D
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 64246D0836A2D8C386DF976E3101C32B
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: F06AC700882D44B7842D750059FF42AF

MD5 x86 Pro VL: 29BA69E4CD218AD447B78DA7C8BEB5A7
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 71472D540D2A0262CD09B66C85224063
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 5CF5BDE278A2B334C2865A12A00D09BB
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 90EFF2B5C4B6D2933BDADA321BE73A26
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 91888FC107082618515CA5C0676A1DE9
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 95E86C75A982DFBCDF9F03B1A639B60B

MD5 x86 Pro VL: 49B428D6FB1A1E53C0682AED76664C2B
MD5 x64 Pro VL: F9AC831F06A760C722DF0DF34F1B9397
MD5 x86 Pro VL N: 4DD45B5EE5D23B6048FCF6EBF695E02A
MD5 x64 Pro VL N: 5D748750679EBB8C4D19EC83621C205D
MD5 x86 Enterprise: BF620A67B5DDA1E18E9CE17D25711201
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 8E194185FCCE4EA737F274EE9005DDF0
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 395261F398A71D380683DAAEDF84A5BE
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: CB4B2A1DB49C0DEDCD26ADA52181E51C

English United Kingdom:
MD5 x86 Pro VL: F88AFFAD060873B34766D790873BF7B5
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 17482849E914E7C07DB95E0F68E6C6D0
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 9EE3759C6679ED32E4FB92A02F7E4921
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 06E0042E7203756317CF5BD5BCD52B7D
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: D368D1B7C7137C56FCBD7E91148C5834
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: A20A01502B075A9D671656A1019006E4

MD5 x86 Pro VL: 025CAE21711CA8D186F6C669FF344D31
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 3F6581469490A4D2CC9F329760BA20A8
MD5 x86 Enterprise: B28062992663BD00A1263F9321833FA0
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 7C71B8A592A29D563FB8D36428DB7AE2
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 65456439D5A5F94071D3CD11F7A4C1B8
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 9552AC7E5F6FE00AA525CD8A2F97E35F

MD5 x86 Pro VL: BDD590282066C329001E35A1F5C1888D
MD5 x64 Pro VL: C2CA6A05BBFEDC12CF54856A5789523C
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 6F6E3BD5CFF1EDF54EB72FCA50BE8B7B
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 2EFBF7DEAA67DEA7A08D6F3FA8A9979F
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 044366AF5B3D03B6B9161CD2F81135E4
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 748ADA1488695B4CEB561DCFFAD3C46D

MD5 x86 Pro VL: 0B9EDF44C9AD913DC8DD3D6D18802CCD
MD5 x64 Pro VL: DAEFFEAA115EDDD755076CEEED6A0217
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 04B2DB1911CAD06465C3A76743A19B22
MD5 x64 Enterprise: F85BADF6B5C55FF077679183A640D629
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 2EE140417F02BA9CF615E72A5276A3F6
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: E965B4735CE282761A99A49A9085D1C4

MD5 x86 Pro VL: 65898038DF70B52909A1218838336EAC
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 2C220FD4BB0A350B1ED9D2642A5A38EE
MD5 x86 Enterprise: C665338B4B762A07A3191E39A6AC8E2F
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 2DF962A7E729FDB1943825B72409D7D2
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: BD4AA41F8A0868C462F01F28C0E49ABB
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 8741FA618BA63DFDFE26D12951D1F580

MD5 x86 Pro VL: EAA86567176F19AADE2C3147184B5606
MD5 x64 Pro VL: CC71E4A1800C284757B55F7B68A2D893
MD5 x86 Enterprise: A2F78DEF51BB50B4BD080FE169A9154C
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 741D304A7B0482B576DBC5F676F9DE94
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 6246E6B2468FC5AF6290A89E149603FB
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 65B81C9A8ACA29485F2F443C09603785

MD5 x86 Pro VL: 96E24B1085A42A9D43061F689C34531D
MD5 x64 Pro VL: A98433BC39973EDCAC7F72EC8C22F006
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 6D9A07DB5291D2EBB9056A46BA31AEFB
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 2CEA98A02DBA2A3E62325E5FCA65BE08

MD5 x86 Pro VL: FB0AFD697A29022E50C66F815DBB7049
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 4ECD10CB7B919C6C5C08A07C3D51F544
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 0ABFE09E70796609C7C108E3F14E3DDA
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 9D769BD1DFF43CD7B2995A8A68257D44
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 3D38F36D652086ABA02A58043849BD27
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 95383C8193383B63273DF397A498C0E3

MD5 x86 Pro VL: 179982703CF3BE1029CFD6FC6DAE75CD
MD5 x64 Pro VL: A93472E37605944B79DC5E558CEFA5C0
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 8B7509E98962FBBD7A6AD1F11917A045
MD5 x64 Enterprise: E410D8CAFD644B267A8D50450D8548A1
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: AB84A3716C1F6A2751B2D4C92B1B82DC
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 34AED0BB5D6E38F65C7BB0A1F8FC60C4

MD5 x86 Pro VL: 09DB13FEC3D8831637695FC7552054DC
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 12E612EE6A8BD342AFFB8773A1255D12
MD5 x86 Enterprise: D3ABB3665305C6E65830CBBAE9F498ED
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 51FF2378DCF540CCFF220A17B28A5452

MD5 x86 Enterprise: 8AFA50E77F516F4DDCFDEAD07278CCD2
MD5 x64 Enterprise: AD8550F01A2B41AD9CD425F3B1178E9F
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 245A1F63E1FD34BE68C1C6ACC6C10C74
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 3F611489BEC4A429B34F2B3E91DEA5FE

MD5 x86 Pro VL: 33421F4C54680307E8334A6E054475D3
MD5 x64 Pro VL: A376A6D510BA9A6647524F63BF3506C8
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 2FF5AB875BD52476D53A97CC7B45511F
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 173FB829626C77A398647B404791AB98
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 12BBC892037045626BD0F50F39DD5576
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 3FBDC6B7A0C60214302B31FC05939449

MD5 x86 Pro VL: A698537E6E67D9CFA07B09F20747C5E1
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 00734137B38B84F3CD61853BDD254EE7
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 9C00EA2C622D6D71D4825AF9A68368BE
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 3272669823F47F64A34BDD8E788C5856
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: F1A82B410714C524BEDC10DB301CF680
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 834743F7DF930D18BA47C28DDAACF885

Norwegian Bokmal:
MD5 x86 Pro VL: CBBF1347507A48267168F159AD0AF062
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 182DD3405FD3BB90BAB0CB820F8E1563
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 2AC4EE9423F69AF298E5394321678F28
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 947F534C27BB10398CA9CF2D4110476B
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: D1893F2E9711C7566BE94804683198CF
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 001AB4DD0715BF06001B814B4F90982F

MD5 x86 Pro VL: 75C129A5A394E3A2290D77472C936E2A
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 30C3E4E3F2AB398A36214256435DBA6A
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 07700A2D5DFEA17A587BB3947A5D431B
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 146E76B9C41E9366158455B38F7F3193
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: FDE4F6BA886EE2549DF974E1EDE1B027
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 048F69D3050E36CA0A1568184EB37714

Portuguese Brazil:
MD5 x86 Pro VL: 7C168E4BBD0F14D8ED4E7EA79A4C9DE3
MD5 x64 Pro VL: E0566C6DBB070062CE338D20F8261908
MD5 x86 Enterprise: EE2E493A07818545A12E08B4DED33539
MD5 x64 Enterprise: E9FD3307173B6AA321721912DA90924C

Portuguese Portugal:
MD5 x86 Pro VL: 6CF6DB0D11F3B14E1DDFBEC01E7D8DF4
MD5 x64 Pro VL: FF8FC9546F995A2CE35BBD46A775218E
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 82618E040150D9D4A2F117122045166F
MD5 x64 Enterprise: F2A4E67B601890890CC902AD9A9DB6B4
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 9FD7718AF71855F62C4C8C230355FA81
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 20316A265E681F9ECB8AA46807FBBD05

MD5 x86 Pro VL: 0F38B701C04FBD435FBB15B02A33267B
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 5F10F89D5F81EEBAE35E8824EDD338FE
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 11D862BBB29685A55919EF71487FF9B7
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 4EFDB7AD95EBE158E0AD28F1336C5B31
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 137EF22AA789EC4E1D8C8AC1F9405D13
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: D92C38675C3A69C9F09DA0369304A303

MD5 x86 Pro VL: BE163C1488809DD0B1C4BD18E6764C6C
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 1B564E6A65D3F7C0E791A2D0398A1A23
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 27EF531311AEF1DDFA21F970DD0C831D
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 8F9340381ACB1115C9308FCF270BAD85

Serbian Latin:
MD5 x86 Pro VL: 5B7858CB7721A7679A34EF2F31C30AE0
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 736941DA583819B48ECC8D0C9CE658E8
MD5 x86 Enterprise: C2919B664429E499F210292380CFFC62
MD5 x64 Enterprise: F742100B49162B2156B9545AFCD5AAF5

MD5 x86 Pro VL: 8EBD648963F688645AC3A732B1FDE91E
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 627F8BC931409EA00F209A1C298BB044
MD5 x86 Enterprise: D2258C8F84915008A65A608457326D36
MD5 x64 Enterprise: CA902C5761E363CF8B0719E48342E2F6
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: B63F969484CECA6412BC8864E4DBFFDD
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: C313EB7CCDFB50A85CFE8BA6E0EDBFCF

MD5 x86 Pro VL: 25AF77C248327BD9323475D55BAEBEAB
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 1BDE16471DB1E9AE260B9CF490FB2D9E
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 1B9BDFCF1ABF378143B89F1B4F1B78DE
MD5 x64 Enterprise: EB66544616432FB1344892F892C0983C
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 71854B205180951D68446EF8BBF5C43F
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: D56DC5E0B8FC14C24DB4ABA4F72CB9C3

MD5 x86 Pro VL: DE556A78FC52ABDB444BF3C5C2B5EF6A
MD5 x64 Pro VL: A058E30829784571A47D2E3B8EA0D616
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 7DA5D65BFACC50ED9FC3E6DD8CB7E3E8
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 45B380CB390424949166E064141B7C4B
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 92A763EF31B15480DD8F231E53CFF81B
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: E7892D49790B2B5D72BBF25FB0C02FE0

MD5 x86 Pro VL: 9D49FD833F87F8E5EF14743BC70AA9C4
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 5913708FA46136C1526D245AD29E4B30
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 28D3BD90883C98544ED318F68AD20D36
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 6F6F328C9AC11D96D48EE6991EF9D094
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: D8C2F4E9515A903CD8FD9D71D934E451
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 5EC24CA851C6801C1CF6F923329F2E23

MD5 x86 Pro VL: 837E0F059D5E3CA5F55C5ADEB034CB14
MD5 x64 Pro VL: B27B1906F016E38BB8C24984395AE66C
MD5 x86 Enterprise: D98BCE00D984A048ACBB351915128FBA
MD5 x64 Enterprise: B3D5906BE8F1E3343A0F7AD81DF6B589

MD5 x86 Pro VL: 099DDB479246E32FF55CE69A51C0F133
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 6F49E176756BEDE6D922EE24D6D1948D
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 4ACCCA10ABE510DBE085CC9AAFDD40F1
MD5 x64 Enterprise: AF342FAFA2E3251669E777C5DFD92881

MD5 x86 Pro VL: 4BBC7749E4591F30EFE6CAA31DEF48B0
MD5 x64 Pro VL: 65940DB513D0F42DE90096042DE0F142
MD5 x86 Enterprise: E9EBD3576F6ED3ABA87923617AB3CFA7
MD5 x64 Enterprise: F13CC51932EF88A0C820FC621A6B7B34

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