Microsoft Windows 8.1, 6.3.9431.0


General information
File format
  • DVD
  • Electronic Software Download (.ESD)
  • Microsoft Update Standalone Package (.MSU)
Bootable Yes
Architecture x64, x86
  • Arabic
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • English
  • English United Kingdom
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese Brazil
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • China
  • Core
  • Enterprise
  • Pro
  • Pro Check/Debug
  • Pro K
  • Pro with Media Center
  • Single Language

Install information
Full buildtag 6.3.9431.0 (winmain_bluemp.130615-1214)
BIOS date 16/06/2013
Timebomb 15/01/2014 (+213 days)
Product Key Core: 2H7NK-3VJJY-HHY3Y-WM3T8-JFCRY
Enterprise: YNB3T-VHW8P-72P6K-BQHCB-DM92V


This is the official Milestone Preview released by Microsoft on 26 June 2013.
You can use an update so that it installs via the Windows Store with only the languages available, if you are on another language not available in this Preview or on the Enterprise Edition you will have to use ISO's to install.

New and changed items since the previous leaked build:
- Bootscreen
- OOBE (Changed, it has extra boxes in the color selection and it checks for an internet connection before you can setup a local account)
- New layout of tiles in all sizes (Start Screen, App must support the tile size to let is display in those formats)
- New default lockscreen background
- Updated PC Settings
- Lockdown (Assigned Access) ''Kiosk Mode'' is not present

New Apps:
- Alarms
- Calculator
- Food & Drink
- Health & Fitness
- Help & Tips (just a shell, since it is not available in this preview)
- Reading List
- Scan
- Sound Recorder

Desktop Updates:
- StartTip that takes you to the Start Screen
- New options for the Taskbar and Navigation:
-- Go to the desktop instead of Start when I sign in
-- Show my desktop background on Start
-- Always show Start on my main display when I press the Windows logo key
-- Show the Apps view automatically when I go to Start
-- Search everywhere instead of just my apps when I search from the Apps view
-- List desktop apps first in the Apps view when it's sorted by category
- When window is maximized the title bar is no longer centered (vmware bug, or new feature is unknown)
- Control Panel has a new option: Work Folders
- This PC instead of Computer
- Library's are hidden
- User folders in This PC as shortcuts
- Internet Explorer 11
- F12 Developer Tools for Internet Explorer 11 which is default

You can also install the Single Language SKU with the Windows Store Update when upgrading from that Windows 8 SKU.


MD5 x64: 0E2027BD16B0449FBF745BDF7F9E9A9D
MD5 x86: B77321EEDFCB9BCCED220451E50EBF0A
MD5 Enterprise x64: A0A05765E5EA9E41988352DF14EEA226
MD5 Enterprise x86: 275B412216AF44DAACEB41D68F56946C

Chinese (Simplified):
MD5 x64: EE0BDEB678C7FCE7F3C7189AEC168DA6
MD5 x86: 58B2757139C0BC76AC997A3A33BFABCA
MD5 Enterprise x64: 99FE87F9D280EE6D6C96AD586AEBA000
MD5 Enterprise x86: CDA2707DF62A623B4370FF56DD09C4E4

Chinese (Taiwan):
MD5 x64: A2162DEA50378CF84FAE6D928D3087BE
MD5 x86: 31D96211FF8BB80EE5C0BA1CDB36CD13
MD5 Enterprise x64: 085D77DDF639E25AF02065C2E21294DB
MD5 Enterprise x86: 870384C12201C715241B4CFE5DCB6F77

MD5 x64: A46318A1234A1F454E1518A2FD31651D
MD5 x86: 23862C4495579BA48573FB4088677CBB
MD5 x64 Check/Debug: 57486539713AA6EC4DD4B6603FA8D73B
MD5 x86 Check/Debug: 766F953CD83E62846C71723B49FBA4D7
MD5 Enterprise x64: 54C8686BF55615D97FC6E1B0B3627E3B
MD5 Enterprise x86: 7279DF5E533C46E169A916A525329A17

English (United Kingdom):
MD5 x64: 18863B3B4F507A5D2A934465C5DFD010
MD5 x86: 7AC6EA6794C09B163549A1AA07A3B36F

MD5 x64: 9CE0F93049559B223C2956649B910852
MD5 x86: 2860E25CAA97C23F935DEF41581A7CE4
MD5 Enterprise x64: F1959738C4643E1A661AAEDEEC9AF000
MD5 Enterprise x86: 8D6C8A4CF89F7CAAB243C790BE475A46

MD5 x64: A8469A3D685E4433F60DE7B2A983867C
MD5 x86: E009819BD4861CA53056EAA4A01F2385
MD5 Enterprise x64: 017A2576CCDF930C4E55A1064967F3F1
MD5 Enterprise x86: A6E07DF546E80083F01763078666F105

MD5 x64: F5073BD93E67013D07F9BFBE79AB8BC0
MD5 x86: 5D97D4B0C5218A203126E8855F405C03
MD5 Enterprise x64: 74B7D65E7F19001D7AB891C7E4A8A5C0
MD5 Enterprise x86: 1C622531FF4CD737089CDCCE4BDFBABA

MD5 x64: D97EE91D1DDF8AC02E62F3338F39C89F
MD5 x86: 5F60EA4B02DE474C345D4734A8FDD059
MD5 Enterprise x86: C10E03748B42FB47FC34FBC0DC01B0B2

Multiple Languages (Language Pack):
MD5 x64: 2640B52CAE02EAE80DEBA61387D45AAE
MD5 x86: 985815D78EF07B0C8AF19EAE89922EA2

Multiple Languages (Update File for Windows Store):
MD5 x64: 290BD3AE12C5B31C478242E83F8D4696
MD5 x86: 6FCE00B9B7E07F45C175B834CEC7EFE8

Portuguese (Brazil):
MD5 x64: CC88B8D57B3ED699A830626A5412B36D
MD5 x86: 1690E0682DE09EE85C77F8CC33F0B0CD
MD5 Enterprise x64: E57780CF2FB21CC6510698E96C02DA9A
MD5 Enterprise x86: 48F32FF45D7C848295D17E415BDA9AAD

MD5 x64: 3C8222A48D13352C7DA36C530170010E
MD5 x86: 90B161F126788EE69075D0B9E11147B1
MD5 Enterprise x64: 5EA8E948526EEF57D16706C3EB25CA43
MD5 Enterprise x86: 87B058835CA308CA2F90C64E29DFB250

MD5 x64: 2AE059563F8A4332C213BDD53CCCF81E
MD5 x86: 4E8F697CCB8A4BBCD4CBD909F06B957A
MD5 Enterprise x64: 483DE744D7D2B6BAAA86F95EAFD4B555
MD5 Enterprise x86: C866A2FC7ED3DF8ED625177773750BA2

MD5 x64: 29E6BB1FD99827375959D08A5A8E6237
MD5 x86: 922524575CA11BABC6B8CDCB2D521C39
MD5 Enterprise x64: 6AB931573CFB1DB412E02C37E9F34860
MD5 Enterprise x86: 1834092C781F759B7EAF0254FE7BE605

MD5 x64: 37EB5992DA9DDB33083D58E94A94B367
MD5 x86: F926354CFCE888D05AE6E7DD608555C1
MD5 Enterprise x64: DE681857F1281F2BC290CDC3CC2E325A
MD5 Enterprise x86: F71B9E680CA044E09E189DB40874CAA9


Older Developer Tools for Internet Explorer
Run the following registry (.reg) script:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]

You can enable it again by changing the DWORD to 0.

Panorama Feature on Camera App
Replace %LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\Microsoft.MoCamera_cw5n1h2txyewy\Settings\settings.dat with settings.dat from

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