Microsoft Windows 10, 10.0.10125.0


General information
File format
  • DVD
Bootable Yes
Architecture x64, x86
  • English
  • Home
  • Pro

Install information
Full buildtag 10.0.10125.0 (fbl_impressive.150516-2126)
BIOS date 18/05/2015
Timebomb 01/10/2015 (+136 days)
Product Key Professional: 6P99N-YF42M-TPGBG-9VMJP-YKHCF


New in this build are the many icons around, a change from the bright yellow, cartoony to a new polished version.
In the start menu you can click on the numbers or letters so you can choose to which one you want to go to as on Windows Phone.

Included is a Network Beta app, which only display's, Coming soon....

A nasty bug in this build is that when you open apps it can displays small, even if you resize it, the next time you start it, it is back again.


x64 Home/Professional ISO
SHA-1 English: A7C80F3C03DD52CFD8DD8E55B0D97ECBF3AE57D1

x86 Home/Professional ISO
SHA-1 English: E737950B8AF56787410BAFEF5A457957D0D0A944

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