Microsoft Windows Vista, 6.0.4051.0


General information
File format
  • Compact Disc
Bootable Yes
Architecture ia64, x64, x86
  • English
  • Preinstallation Environment
  • Professional
  • Professional Check/Debug

Install information
Full buildtag 6.0.4051.0 (idx02.031001-1340)
BIOS date 02/10/2003
Timebomb 30/03/2004 (+180 days)
P9BT8-6HBG3-GRF29-BM92B-M973D (ia64)


This is the build from the ''Longhorn'' PDC (PDC2003), it was distributed as a kit, containing the Professional builds, free and check/debug, also the CTP of SQL2005 was included.

This build features an updated wallpaper as seen in 4042, this is also the first build to have IPv6 enabled by default and the Login Screen is black with a colored Windows Flag.
The 32-bit version includes the Preinstallation Environment installation, which is now also in Slate style and some functions have moved to another page in the installation.
This build also can partition and format the hard-disk it is going to install to.

It includes the Windows Media Player 9 (updated) and Windows Messenger (unchanged, except this version allows all accounts).
It is however missing the notifications on the desktop

This is the first x64 version of Longhorn that was distributed.
It contains the i386 style of setup, in the 2nd stage and after installation the basic drivers only.
After installation you see the desktop with no sidebar and the start-button contains the word Start.
In the Control Panel there is no category view and in Explorer there is no left side-bar.
Internet Explorer is available in an 32-bit and 64-bit version, the Outlook Express is only available in 32-bit, but you can't run it, since it isn't configured to run on 64-bit.
Further more, there are more applications missing, like Media Player and Messenger.
As with the 32-bit version it also includes the Windows XP Luna and Windows Classic themes, but unlike the 32-bit version, with the 64-bit the taskbar also changes.

The Check/Debug builds won't install, it fails in the beginning before you can start the setup.
It could work on a real machine, but this is so far untested by TCB.


MD5 Preinstallation Environment: ED1A832DA5FAFFF7B929B19CC1134C77
MD5 Professional x86: D4515BFF769E3006E3902B3F7B5DF2C6
MD5 Professional x64: 2310F1D95FAB19CBE3783C2152798383
MD5 Professional ia64: 1BB2D1353A7A7B75DA937E065DD72168
MD5 Professional x86 Check/Debug: E0345C94D1F6F55B9CC734F821EFAAA7
MD5 Professional x64 Check/Debug: 7E280910291DE4A1CF255F181CF2EE0C

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