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This website has been developed for everyone who is interested in the history of Windows. How it is developed and how it has evolved over the years.
From the earliest Windows from the 80's, through the 90's with Windows 95 to today with Windows 10.

On the buildpage you will find information about the languages, dates, hashing and installation information, workarounds and fixes (if needed).
In the gallery you can find hundreds of thousands of screenshots from Windows builds featured on The Collection Book.
The information section contains manuals for installation, drivers and tools.

All the builds shown on the buildpages and in the gallery on The Collection Book were leaked or released at some point.

We take care that our information, fixes, drivers, manuals and tools are as accurate and complete as possible. It can be that we have missed something. You can contact us to let us fix it.
You can contact us via e-mail.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us.

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