Microsoft Windows Vista, 6.0.4042.0 (Lab06_n)


General information
File format
  • Compact Disc
Bootable Yes
Architecture x86
  • English
  • Professional

Install information
Full buildtag 6.0.4042.0 (Lab06_n.030909-1709)
BIOS date 10/09/2003
Timebomb 21/01/2004 (+133 days)


This build is a Lab06 build, so it has got UI goodies to look at.

The setup is not much different, still in the plex style, after installation in Windows it is not plex anymore, it is Slate, a new theme featured in 4051 and above until the reset.
The Login screen has a colored Windows Flag and only this build features a blueish/grayish background, after logging in you will see the new wallpaper, it removed the Longhorn logo and name from it.
The Start Menu removed the ''My'' and ''Libary'' from almost every folder, except the Documents, which are also both different and the button is now only a Windows Flag without the word Start but is no longer as integrated as in 4039.

The Explorer itself has small borders instead of the larger XP style ones, it removed the Command Prompt from the Toolbar, but the rest is mostly the same, but gray.

In Control Panel there is a new application named New Task Scheduler which is a new Task Scheduler based on same technology as Parental Controls and User Accounts, the option of Portable Media Devices has been removed.

Included Applications like Windows Media Player 9 and the Windows Messenger remain unchanged while Outlook Express did get a small UI Change but that is the result of the Slate Theme most likely.
Windows XP's Luna (3 variants) and Windows Classic are still available and as with Plex, changing to them doesn't change the taskbar.

Included in this build is an internal application named VoteNow.exe it display's a message so that the employees using that build can vote the build after some time (~4 hours).

It seems that the Desktop Notification that should display with 'You have been using this Longhorn build for a few hours now. By using the Vote Now button below, you can vote to let us know what you think of it. To learn more, click this text. is broken in this build, due to it doesn't display after the set amount of time.


MD5: 20A56ED50216C394B26FB49D84F1E70A


Enable Glass: Install the build in Virtual PC during the WinPE part, then just mount it in VMware 9 (it supports VHD) then proceed with the installation.After it, download the glass resources: and place the desksrv.dll in the folder %windir%\i386, %windir%\system32, %windir%\system32\dllcache while you mount the drive in Windows or open it with WinImage and replace the files.Then after the boot, start glass with: %windir%\i386\sbctl.exe start and stop it with %windir%\i386\sbctl.exe stop.
Note that when using WinImage on Windows 8 or later, you need to run it as the current user, not as administrator with which it installs by default, otherwise it won't work.

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