Microsoft Windows Server 2012, 6.2.7959.0


General information
File format
  • DVD
Bootable Yes
Architecture x64
  • English
  • Enterprise

Install information
Full buildtag 6.2.7959.0 (fbl_srv_wdacxml.110307-1930)
BIOS date 08/03/2011
Timebomb 02/07/2011 (+116 days)
Product Key n/a


This is the first and only leaked build of Windows Server 2012, the following ones were released by Microsoft itself.

It has the green puzzle wallpaper and a new Windows Basic theme.
This build contains the following items which are hidden but can be unlocked with the red-pill enabler.
- Metro Login
- RibbonUI
- Application Folder
- Immersive Browser
- Modern PDF Reader
- Advanced Task Manager
- Modern Task Manager
- Server Manager




Redpill Enabler
To unlock certain hidden features you need to run the Redpill Enabler, download it here:
After you run it you can use the steps below to enable the new features.

To resize the Immersive Apps to make them easier to read you can use the following application to set it to a bigger resolution, for example, 1024x768 or 1280x1024.
Download it here:

Ribbon UI
Close any Explorer windows (if open) and (re)open an explorer window (Library or Computer)

Applications Folder
Create a folder on the desktop named Applications.{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1}

Immersive Browser
Run C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Immersive Browser\Microsoft.ImmersiveBrowser\miexplore.exe

Modern PDF Reader
Run C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Windows.glcnd\glcnd.exe

Advanced Task Manager
Run C:\Windows\System32\TM.exe

Modern Task Manager
Right-click on the taskbar and click Start Task Manager

Run C:\Windows\System32\oobe\msoobe.exe

Server Manager
Run C:\Windows\System32\servermanager.exe

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