Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 6.0.6001.18000


General information
File format
  • DVD
Bootable Yes
Architecture ia64, x64, x86
  • Chinese Hong Kong SAR
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Taiwan
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
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  • Portuguese Portugal
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  • Datacenter Server
  • Datacenter Server Core
  • Datacenter Server without Hyper-V
  • Datacenter Server without Hyper-V Core
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise Server Core
  • Enterprise Server without Hyper-V
  • Enterprise Server without Hyper-V Core
  • Itanium-Based Systems
  • Standard
  • Standard Server Core
  • Standard Server without Hyper-V
  • Standard Server without Hyper-V Core
  • Web Server
  • Web Server Core

Install information
Full buildtag 6.0.6001.18000 (longhorn_rtm.080118-1840)
BIOS date 19/01/2008
Product Key n/a


This is the build of Windows Server 2008 that was released to the public it is labeled as RTM but also includes Service Pack 1 since it was released at the same time as Windows Vista Service Pack 1.


Chinese (Hong Kong SAR):
MD5 x86: 1C5D1CB8F8EF40ED38376DD8D79C45F8
MD5 x64: E9061C54495D828A9A0E1C297548C3C7
MD5 x86 Web: 9A8E6E40DDFD96D1CF937D46B0A6103D
MD5 x64 Web: FC881DCFE45716709F221DF193B2023D
MD5 x86 without Hyper-V: 34EA6FCA318A5A2B5D77DDC28A87C1BC
MD5 x64 without Hyper-V: ADA99648CBAB78D7840AD897C4B9D694

Chinese (Simplified):
MD5 x86: D366B7F8EC69C646A8B1E512BA01BEE3
MD5 x64: 9CCF7298E3D9F38F2421C644764A4A23
MD5 x86 Web: F0137B68473B12F1F783D85AB0CD3696
MD5 x64 Web: 948EC81CC104DEBBC54761B121017A6C
MD5 x86 without Hyper-V: 1BB3AFD87BA614B3B588F7602D592743
MD5 x64 without Hyper-V: 9586900C1F81C52EC43FC4556814A6AB

Chinese (Traditional):
MD5 x86: AC498F805496B6936A4D181258FF76E9
MD5 x64: 5247D5A47A8E2A1D7EF861AA8D14D2B3
MD5 x86 Web: 6D630EBF2B3A2C8B7051B6A8E276C16D
MD5 x64 Web: 6C2C28EE9557399581122D5A36128AFD
MD5 x86 without Hyper-V: 2DE9C1E3E61E6029211F8F2598FE9F0B
MD5 x64 without Hyper-V: 2EF027584F5C512289A6C51A31BB1EB6

MD5 x86: A70CFEDC2A8876B1E0E21A6B047C524C
MD5 x64: A71E4763D5670B57932A39E99E5D39A0
MD5 x86 Web: CC7A9B080AF0E3EECBB3D5B92A5A87A0
MD5 x64 Web: 6CC0674F5F22931FBD30E1B36BAE654A
MD5 x86 without Hyper-V: 9B985CD2CE9E3963CBF39C6F9C02C672
MD5 x64 without Hyper-V: 2CD0D195F41BBF5392023C314F6581D2

MD5 x86: 5592F2345DD2CA897D004B5A23C8282D
MD5 x64: D756FD3ABBE1AF7ADF1B5DD0FA77379F
MD5 x86 Web: AB3D23D10EB8BDD6D10FAB46E98F21F5
MD5 x64 Web: 6637D474CA68416C03E38440243705BC
MD5 x86 without Hyper-V: FEF471D076C7323BA7A73DD10D8F3CD7
MD5 x64 without Hyper-V: 5B54CC25DD5409D31FA27B56E832471D

MD5 x86: 89FBC4C7BAAFC0B0C05F0FA32C192A17
MD5 x64: 0477C88678EFB8EBC5CD7A9E9EFD8B82
MD5 x86 Web: 2E20224330857B01D88DEB557B624B8D
MD5 x64 Web: D13F208C0A8F2E8620DC7CF9DD7F8C69
MD5 x86 without Hyper-V: 03A13650BDFF9AF4ED8BF489C440CA07
MD5 x64 without Hyper-V: 492A6BBA4A6175B9722DBC6ABFD92BA3
MD5 IA64: 0498E6DD03B10E3565ADE17871E42746
MD5 IA64 Check/Debug: D3AC33FD8710C9E7CFCCE35AC80F2D07

MD5 x86: 4EE96A36E8AEBE13980621BDC408F2CD
MD5 x64: 17E1AC51B44D892E82C0DA4A9B201A41
MD5 x86 Web: F6FED4AD1416A0D300AB0953B48E0F5A
MD5 x64 Web: 757EC25E1C1DE342C8F1EFC72E33EF8D
MD5 x86 without Hyper-V: 2126CEBBA5C71D50A1DCABA5A9DBA77A
MD5 x64 without Hyper-V: 927F423275213E99727673EE3B58953F

MD5 x86: 47B73390A296258CA678B2A859ACE6DD
MD5 x64: A3AC7F1C13E246C53D20AD7EF7EE37CE
MD5 x86 Web: D7552E30D3CF1B8D1D1480E0D4F82BC8
MD5 x64 Web: C5C42C86F38DBAA9952CC45870324098
MD5 x86 without Hyper-V: 4D448BFAF8826CAA2658174D420D7436
MD5 x64 without Hyper-V: 7073BED6F6C534F9FF9A0703973CC374

MD5 x86: AEB3209E804F60E0CD9661BBF9586A9A
MD5 x64: D613FF7C3537CBDDCA4D9F4387006396
MD5 x86 Web: 647C5E877DD1B663A29E857CB52EA277
MD5 x64 Web: 156EE9EEEE7C9C8CC78744E74507FC57
MD5 x86 without Hyper-V: BE4219C0C4CCCA86F9AE2CEF62563970
MD5 x64 without Hyper-V: C9597C5A747182F8039E919CAE6E37BD

MD5 x86: 2732F7348C8164CD944D703750B490A6
MD5 x64: 986FEB44C9793859CBC080409D7476F2
MD5 x86 Web: E36514D69807D56B834E773BD7AFEF3A
MD5 x64 Web: E4A6DFF1C5C364AAC93001E87104239E
MD5 x86 without Hyper-V: F95DA0AD7D955A7E6BC75827A8988FF7
MD5 x64 without Hyper-V: 93B482C674C460A989B164906FC0EEFB

MD5 x86: 323EF6202A394F39289A224FF09AC36A
MD5 x64: 252D942B50456FA08DB97C4970DDEE7A
MD5 x86 Web: 7F511A7705853E1955EAA7099D34526A
MD5 x64 Web: 2008D8590A59B709F8B9BE422A5A6ADC
MD5 x86 without Hyper-V: EE04E8BAE483A13374281BD7C547D1B4
MD5 x64 without Hyper-V: 3E3129E4A9834733E069E8B73487DB4F

MD5 x64: D56A16311993A7BF62FDBAF4DD2DFB4F
MD5 x86 Web: 8313C017A8CE3AAB59D1FAB38788EFAF
MD5 x64 Web: 2147375EA50DA058DF2D2C0FF88CF4F2
MD5 x86 without Hyper-V: E2D8734EECA79FDE89526998C8E15BC9
MD5 x64 without Hyper-V: 49F5FE2D21A729C3247E1F7E4830E0F5

Multiple Languages:
MD5 x64 Disc 1: E4CAD4F9844A2C807B37BBF24DC580E3
MD5 x64 Disc 2: A1B765CA44ED58AFAEFA13B1F6272C59
MD5 x64 Disc 3: 97328289B614BCDE1EE97060DB093E20
MD5 x64 Disc 4: 6A4E527173434325AFEC5389FC71DC4E
MD5 x64 Disc 5: 6B721BA5B28EF89A93F4604AF93B4A33
MD5 x86 Disc 1: 7847F8C3A231768B71C2DBCB2945DD0C
MD5 x86 Disc 2: 150E665AF669303EE3845B87CA66242F
MD5 x86 Disc 3: 4C1831276245611117852FD9ACA07363
MD5 x86 Disc 4: 7469EADE43116514DDF2591F8236593E
MD5 x86 Disc 5: 280552F0EACA6327193DA132E65863BF
Note that Disc 3, 4, 5 are labeled by Microsoft as 4, 5, 6. Disc 3 is not there, but it is just a typo by Microsoft

MD5 x86: C5032A00EBDE6A126D7A79C8CD04B70D
MD5 x64: C82A4400DC097C522AE22D6F567DA434
MD5 x86 Web: 1CED45A26DC21A4CE56B69EBDA590848
MD5 x64 Web: 5508DFCE845BF69A66BD5C9319BE4DDF
MD5 x86 without Hyper-V: 36F8BD6BD990260F02ED3450AC3067E2
MD5 x64 without Hyper-V: 0B213AE521555DBFE45AC5DAAD6E537E

Portuguese (Brazil):
MD5 x86: 5ABC24C60D870B97EA292FBBA75A64A1
MD5 x64: 2AB386C454A1784B842BC29D1628A5E7
MD5 x86 Web: 698ADBD5FAF1E40D1A12B322B6D8D5A6
MD5 x64 Web: 491D270E68F61EE8DF1C4231C79410A2
MD5 x86 without Hyper-V: 0D58A3F78F92429610DF160C442D12AB
MD5 x64 without Hyper-V: 677A3B58A1B14125B3B715D4A195F838

Portuguese (Portugal):
MD5 x86: 30CECB4061D3DDBD7A6A6EBBD083B077
MD5 x64: D7C7FF525B4CDE62441A474C6052B83A
MD5 x86 Web: CD420773E5437E1E9461245B4EE401D7
MD5 x64 Web: 5B0C1708E2CDA56D9E008806743B8597
MD5 x86 without Hyper-V: 281933885FB7AD037FB8D3CFD7DD4B5C
MD5 x64 without Hyper-V: 9C36E2CB2F0B7352B3E15DEC3CA952C2

MD5 x86: D6B7AD689B2B116BD59B92B4FD0C5F45
MD5 x64: B43C9DD5290CEE4E037FF20C1366E8FF
MD5 x86 Web: FE6D2B319FF3528C1B1ED25A99A1BB11
MD5 x64 Web: 65A92810E122313084F45018CA2607E5
MD5 x86 without Hyper-V: 9F559D74F2B9E8B6D2D98A28E36A95E6
MD5 x64 without Hyper-V: 356DC1545145C352429385F08A0C2C12

MD5 x86: 11A2A50A90638875C49ACDF843E07981
MD5 x64: D3BE05DBF2DDD6EAA05A25140B0CA6BA
MD5 x86 Web: D754E51ACEA990437E0F48FE9F505615
MD5 x64 Web: 2C75A69B0004260D1C06D44138408B54
MD5 x86 without Hyper-V: 95E45DD48A3A112374158763BE74CD1E
MD5 x64 without Hyper-V: 18132C198C3160109988DD7475C83C57

MD5 x86: 35F7933768ECD0EF748E2B633424A28E
MD5 x64: B30E53170BE0D84F8B667C6B8C01D1FF
MD5 x86 Web: BA4F0CD3014541ACDC94BB5A9FF14EEB
MD5 x64 Web: E46C4D73EC6C70E1B095F80DAD44D97C
MD5 x86 without Hyper-V: 538DBFD74BE411326A88ABB40A78E369
MD5 x64 without Hyper-V: 0C944610691FFCE952A4B159B701C2A4

MD5 x86: FE57BB0CAD9C936ADA045DA868DB45C2
MD5 x64: 10D4E11F7EC0362DF2A448B53EDDFF46
MD5 x86 Web: 92CAA846890B05349BD6160D597074D7
MD5 x64 Web: 88893B3A6BE2A633B340B68600350580
MD5 x86 without Hyper-V: 7400A56133C8321EACBAAF1430243170
MD5 x64 without Hyper-V: 2DC71513059A2B5F75921E8D76007B83

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