Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 6.0.5600.16384


General information
File format
  • DVD
Bootable Yes
Architecture x64, x86
  • English
  • Datacenter Server
  • Datacenter Server Core
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise Server Core
  • Standard
  • Standard Server Core

Install information
Full buildtag 6.0.5600.16384 (vista_rc1.060829-2230)
BIOS date 30/08/2006
Timebomb 18/01/2008 (+506 days)
Product Key n/a


Although this build carries the same build number as the Release Candidate of Windows Vista, in Server 2008 it is still in the Beta 2 stage.
From this build on the stages are different and with Service Pack 1 for Vista and Server 2008 will be together again.


MD5 x86: E08D32A698491B05A7107FD68B529FF5
MD5 x64: 819171F57D922078C4C2B96BA2B905E1
MD5 x86 Check/Debug: 66FB7EE3612FA26C079997BF108530C9
MD5 x64 Check/Debug: 6CE87DDBBDDEDCD353D15B05C9BE9657

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