Microsoft Windows 98, 4.10.1998


General information
File format
  • Compact Disc
  • Floppy Disc
Bootable Yes
Architecture x86
  • Arabic Enabled
  • Arabic Localized
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew Enabled
  • Hebrew Localized
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian Bokmål
  • Polish
  • Portuguese Brazil
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Thai
  • Turkish

Install information
Full buildtag 4.10.1998
BIOS date 13/05/1998
Product Key n/a


The RTM of Windows 98, also known as the Gold Edition or First Edition.
This was also the last edition of Windows 9x to come on Floppy Discs.


Compact Disc:
MD5 Arabic (Enabled/Localized): 188D3AED74BDD6FFE6434ECC7FF06377
MD5 Chinese Simplified: A4E77FF1BFCB5C7422D4A9D93C40E18B
MD5 Chinese Traditional: 958AB2EEB5C1C3AFE4877B1B4DB3BF37
MD5 Czech: BDA4DACB277A2BACA560027B6F6D4CD1
MD5 Czech (OEM): FDCF63498FAC4DC4672611FADD72F51A
MD5 Danish: 8FB2BF02D6B871CA9F1E18E02FDDD278
MD5 Dutch: 570AF763BBCF7E876D1A8A43154E588A
MD5 English: C97B5B296B093FA95684EE44839D72BE
MD5 English (Microsoft Internal Edition): C40136447BE02CEBDA36681E1D57757A
MD5 English (OEM): C41E081B2BA3FF6E109080DAC745091C
MD5 English (Upgrade): 07AF1F094BE6DDCC4C96BCE53FC6F4C4
MD5 English (with Plus!): 449731A659EF5D284789766B12A7B7FA
MD5 Finnish: AE6B4E9A203DE673B5E84C764659BA14
MD5 French: FF59C9F972E72F30DF456A5AE4A271D5
MD5 German: 629305D44E43C52C0D7A2263612F2E49
MD5 Greek: 06759DADD15114BA95BA800D68A04D8A
MD5 Hebrew (Enabled/Localized): AEC9057E3D8F18E0AC3057CD57BAA494
MD5 Hungarian: B2E8896A2E15E9F450DC0F2C6EA2484C
MD5 Italian: 7266902F64DDFE70C919144C6DDC010F
MD5 Japanese: 4137CACB48C089C2BF1319ACCE8BD1E8
MD5 Korean: 29631E12748DDDDB3FFF4B5972D42E7A
MD5 Norwegian Bokmal: 53D11014A44C15653616286207C45F7B
MD5 Polish: C1F80ABDB7D7B3FD368E3342994AA3AB
MD5 Portuguese Brazil: DB6978216020CAC4F6F7034708C02CB0
MD5 Russian: 454B4C750225766B67E11CF71A29E7EA
MD5 Slovak: A4F8A9DF6B46BED1E0A439A3D7A8F382
MD5 Slovenian: 2ECCA7087287DECD143DC8F9B966DA1E
MD5 Spanish: 6DC978BD87C2F7E1F6C457398713ED18
MD5 Spanish (Upgrade): D9095615CB3E68644F514116B6783380
MD5 Swedish (OEM): 2B8BB1AE5B7A3B2FC3B990DC812E18C5
MD5 Thai: 4F4D8060EBD4FB487B6D552B61E0BC7D
MD5 Turkish: 5DA0AFBBBD239B08D0C63D3BD1DC88C7

Floppy Discs (English if otherwise noted):
MD5 Czech (OEM Bootdisk): 9E859AAA6C453C3BCCD39D9DEB67CFA1
MD5 Floppy Boot: 110D5B3933A3B1B24B22E014AADA334F
MD5 Floppy 01: 95836EB40C717E15ED76A6A2FBEEB3E3
MD5 Floppy 02: 1F75A72BC1A6711BF53ABED550A42107
MD5 Floppy 03: C4193A31C43180C970068FF94EDF7DCE
MD5 Floppy 04: 1049B0AF05BB71E50E49CE030BF9CD92
MD5 Floppy 05: 55CAB3838726896188AE2AB65E2A6BB1
MD5 Floppy 06: 39EBCE33D7BEADF5B3DBC6F41225FB3E
MD5 Floppy 07: 0BD6838EDC1E17701A075254352621D6
MD5 Floppy 08: D64C0C296E3A546024536BABD75ABBB8
MD5 Floppy 09: 7FD173941280821BF0381C91F9F22C7B
MD5 Floppy 10: FADD527CD9A3DFA4E69A333F10813259
MD5 Floppy 11: D93A724ACDAAE0F78B54C94B59F6FAFD
MD5 Floppy 12: 6BC54F203922B24B3A737BA03A280B4A
MD5 Floppy 13: E3298D40BD84977305968B43FCEDD1B6
MD5 Floppy 14: 46A8032BB4ECDB2EB4E78DC5C2773479
MD5 Floppy 15: 9FB58D9DDE66549411D2E7948A217786
MD5 Floppy 16: 2CD97C6B098BFB91EB39EF0152BB1F3D
MD5 Floppy 17: F3B6E13305CC4D487D63D7AE99EC3FD3
MD5 Floppy 18: D9E8E016C67A52F8CD49DB6CB1D4AC81
MD5 Floppy 19: 3D1D0097A5A187E0B44C968EA5FE0BBF
MD5 Floppy 20: 950204EB348011CEA58E21B2032B152C
MD5 Floppy 21: 26F3D11DC630EFC4A99602F6BE263275
MD5 Floppy 22: 7119F407B928FBCDAA2072C48358C98B
MD5 Floppy 23: 4423B177070D765A8607965DA212A104
MD5 Floppy 24: C4E3FE9280920954646833C1F4F5F430
MD5 Floppy 25: D56C64E05D1E012E719B257C42E749C7
MD5 Floppy 26: 0D45F8981F72D38EF49EA1DB21FB9E03
MD5 Floppy 27: 691EC64206222C7DC1BB85AF7BE8D29E
MD5 Floppy 28: 73A92909EB733B77108F7D9D288F3E1C
MD5 Floppy 29: 600C25C9E1C6C3544E7E80C4AE0487D4
MD5 Floppy 30: DD61283A41B658006988ABC191ACBC4F
MD5 Floppy 31: 8E6F3C97B5E5BA2CF7EF2EBFC03AD858
MD5 Floppy 32: 7FB3CE743A5A4860BE65E961552FF852
MD5 Floppy 33: FC3E214F7C23E30E73F603826A50A303
MD5 Floppy 34: 7B2C0B7473845E11EE155EC2531DE145
MD5 Floppy 35: 4029C955EED96338B19CE1CAA624CD65
MD5 Floppy 36: 8B08AD5994637BF74E812E195B785412
MD5 Floppy 37: FA03E277963A174B7000DB4140ABBAF4
MD5 Floppy 38: BB92EEB7CDB4943CD4A3A8CDF9B4F25A

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