Microsoft Windows 98, 4.10.1691.3


General information
File format
  • Compact Disc
Bootable No
Architecture x86
  • Chinese Simplified
  • English
  • German
  • Italian

Install information
Full buildtag 4.10.1691.3
BIOS date 17/02/1998
Timebomb 31/12/1998 (+318 days)
Product Key 11111-11111-11111-11111-11111


MD5 Chinese Simplified: 06685EF40456D90D4BE59A4FE25028D6
MD5 English: 832F6C0DFF83C8C19AE1FDE861EE4F60
MD5 Italian: AF73F5DBDF1E6FA8FDEAB92B0C6249FF


The English version is an upgrade version, you need to have a valid product to upgrade from, you can also just gather some Windows 3.1/95 installation files and place them on the HDD besides the Windows 98 installation files and in Setup point the path to your folder containing the valid upgrade files.
The Chinese Simplified and Italian versions are full Windows installations.

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