Microsoft Windows 95, 4.00.189


General information
File format
  • Compact Disc
Bootable No
Architecture x86
  • English

Install information
Full buildtag 4.00.189
BIOS date 22/09/1994
Product Key Beta ID: 101907
Password: 999b70c9e


The Setup has undergone another major change in the look, including a second stage where it is Configuring your System and then drops you into the Explorer.
It also mentions Windows 95 in the new bootscreen and in many places, but you also still see some Chicago references.
This build has also a problem displaying the MS-DOS Prompt, but it could be the included drivers.
Microsoft WinPad has also changed, it is now more landscape, a bit like a tablet instead of a phone style.

The Explorer itself is now running from Explorer.exe instead of CAB32.exe, the Start Menu has a sidebar and larger icons in the first menu and some (but not all) icons have been replaced with a newer style.
It also includes several new system components and applications, such as a App Install Wizard in the Control Panel, Disk Defragmenter, DriveSpace and ScanDisk (GUI) in the System Tools and Backup, Direct Cable Connection in the Accessories menu.


MD5 CD: D390F17E30574A1AC73D4859A8DC69A4
MD5 Floppy01: 2CE53B892C582A290D3A8DA15911E6FA
MD5 Floppy02: 878FB2FCAF5E84EF535EE60623751667
MD5 Floppy03: E5469EDF36490F5E47A4DC2F96519854
MD5 Floppy04: 32972613B5B5BCD394023ABF394CBC85
MD5 Floppy05: BC2F807DE138A872E5570CF09995E559
MD5 Floppy06: 8A49EF68EF317467FFD46DD454D79734
MD5 Floppy07: 9898721C853BD6BA8BF9AF5C1A7BD4A7
MD5 Floppy08: 06EE72FC8B0EABCA5C92B27AF65F0DA8
MD5 Floppy09: 8CDCE0DAB35AE1223E31433F23BE1BDA
MD5 Floppy10: D4334491A6C609A6FDF96869CB436FCA
MD5 Floppy11: 5BED48A6B61A279425B398DBFA0F39AC
MD5 Floppy12: 0D0CCFC050180878DE5274BEF034E85B
MD5 Floppy13: DBC65D2065002862D71C9CF55A8DE95B
MD5 Floppy14: 09D97FB32BF6497EDE5C9A4C2109AF83
MD5 Floppy15: 9D9DCB940A87B895BFD24D7EDE872AB5
MD5 Floppy16: 0683CC5120E2F778D4F073AAE3E6EE2F
MD5 Floppy17: 3AC1C3157D7C7A6563D5B0C57636C0A8
MD5 Floppy18: 86DD829D1D14F7DEAD1612CF7BEF7320
MD5 Floppy19: 9628BAEB7E7A7BC4FF1DFDD55D68AF39
MD5 Floppy20: EF1DE0AC64ADFB95C6A4773FE4A66E86

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