Microsoft Windows 7, 6.1.7601.17514


General information
File format
  • DVD
Bootable Yes
Architecture x64, x86
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Install information
Full buildtag 6.1.7601.17514 (win7sp1_rtm.101119-1850)
BIOS date 20/11/2010
Product Key n/a


Although SP1 was already compiled on 19 November 2010, it was not released until 22 February 2011.
It features some Operating System Enhancements and features such as Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX), a 256-bit instruction set extension for processors, and improves IKEv2 by adding additional identification fields such as E-mail ID to it. In addition, it adds support for Advanced Format 512e as well as additional Identity Federation Services. Windows 7 Service Pack 1 also resolves a bug related to HDMI audio and another related to printing XPS documents.

There are 6 SKU's which the most have several sub versions, E, N, K, KN.
The N edition lacks Windows Media-related technologies and was sold in Europe along with the regular Windows Edition a Media Feature Pack is available which puts the Windows Media-related technologies back in.
The K edition is only released in the Korean language and includes specific Korean links to programs.
The KN edition is the same as the K edition but as with the N edition this version does not include Windows Media-related technologies. A Media Feature Pack is available which puts the Windows Media-related technologies back in.

The Media Feature Pack:


MD5 x86: A35C1183FB7287CC83749DADD24115AA
MD5 x64: DF0CB6D65ACAE7D8209BC40D04DAD58C
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 92919D1E9C0EFF30D13C7ED8235F8BC4
MD5 x64 Enterprise: E0C37A6F56C7F9E1D95DEA616ECC4301

MD5 x86: 586633B04CEDC7D65A86527F78835885
MD5 x64: 16CF5792935F0A43E15568376B5C0FF2
MD5 x86 N: ABAC3C0A7F1C17B98C2219AD9F810F83
MD5 x64 N: 541B8C4972175717928FEDE95351B9E8
MD5 x86 Enterprise: DC2A9117C984D21C3C64DA1C0FF116DA
MD5 x64 Enterprise: C36E289767EEF804266CD67D38B63708
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 2B63B4F7647FDBDD04177164FB481680
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: BCF7EBD057C877E6800E2EC9BFFBA227

Chinese Hong Kong SAR:
MD5 x86: EDF4C97951A8D5E84B28C41B4F4F4E06
MD5 x64: 073B6D02CFCED25565AEFA6042E7F5D3
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 497466BCF65794857C21A5787C730B8D
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 1D14D20C0FA356CBCED36B3701E91CF1

Chinese Simplified:
MD5 x86: FAA364A36CDDCBBFD65C0224F35FCFD0
MD5 x64: 480B62C3ACD6C8A36B18D9E906CD90D2
MD5 x86 Enterprise: B29C508072CDB165BE88147FA5B59A4B
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 827D436AE8D152A3C1D87A111060EBFC

Chinese Traditional:
MD5 x86: BE0A154F89CFE0F1996C13D3F00F20E5
MD5 x64: 22A1523B8DC92EAC473C4119AC811614
MD5 x86 Enterprise: B609A47B5C2E8AF5CDE1CD44865D175D
MD5 x64 Enterprise: F76CC33BBD1F3809BDA94283EB7A72D2

MD5 x86: 2E4C2ED5F9DC4E659AEC1E5BE30CE8F1
MD5 x64: 82B850702FEBB70FB8E6258D20B9776C
MD5 x86 N: A422F66A29131AAE1EE4EF6453B98E8C
MD5 x64 N: 3C3770CD2B02CC2D41ED5FD4BFB722A8
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 195FC0212331CB700E69B078EF6E3429
MD5 x64 Enterprise: BF3AC8623CC60E64B37E0D622F45B09D
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: AEBA6215FF9761AB08ECAC85745C8D79
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: F2FA99EB1DA9D7F6FBE2538354141F82

MD5 x64: 6AEBE5ECE8324999DD9AA0C0964CEF62
MD5 x86 N: B8E592B8CF70CAD944D8AA0E36DF93FB
MD5 x64 N: B41B81AA31A41A0E0A558492C82B4340
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 800BADBD28E7FE2A12C6FCA3A95EF849
MD5 x64 Enterprise: B085F4BE1778A35F9277D6B4EBEE233D
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 06B03766A1CD23DDAFA270BE12E1A7B8
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: ABFF0E6449FA62235B3DB2DADAC4D4C1

MD5 x86: 3AB323217A5082695492028EBA7B00A8
MD5 x64: 1716AA719A9ADD87E37ECE702AF0EFA6
MD5 x64 N: C6751CEE8F21271E18ACB22238C89205
MD5 x86 Enterprise: A64D8193ADB6995874B8F42759154E9E
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 6205DF39CAF31C36FDB47C316630B7F5
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 3A8AFFDDA57DA8521E8EA409C4E38455
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 0030B3FAEBB1FA633C680E40D22779D5

MD5 x86: C6E6B6F795A87272528E48DA1F522AA3
MD5 x64: EA180AF7FB12A5F2F64CC4CA35C18822
MD5 x86 N: A1BFA8A3B97F313529D6EC752656F334
MD5 x64 N: 8CF092103D50270D63BFE12651DE66D3
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 4FF3FC16FBBDEE2BC4A7F8CD310CFC7D
MD5 x64 Enterprise: FC29C647A4F9C3DDD0F88C49C4543FD6
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 4C3010BEAD80243063C888187B5A9CA6
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: B0CA895D05FAE4985850E002268D966D

MD5 x86: 24F3A45D43D7C532AA3126CC094C61BD
MD5 x64: 56A26636EC667799F5A7F42F142C772D
MD5 x86 N: DE8525BEA5E045ECAC9EBB98B5B34B69
MD5 x64 N: 858B1DCD0FF3697AD48DA55AD68D30C3
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 0F75C64DE4B10FD581845ABA99E1591D
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 8DB2FA2C64160F582BD099E86DBE219F
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: EECB85E15380B08235288EDA1AA0B790
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 90831256C1F7207E7CBDFEE49AC60D53

MD5 x86: BE88531A8ED2186D50D1456F19200D63
MD5 x64: BA6A29D4FC7ADD84ACC4985AAE71C14C
MD5 x86 N: DD91BE8187C39B5C613E0283D9EC639A
MD5 x64 N: 35F18D409FF0481B731373FB6042F613
MD5 x86 Enterprise: EE75EFBC729D22120C5CEF1323454259
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 2A44E33A971E2DE71476B889E1315DD3
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 719C9C38A30581D27F00B769C0356237
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 6DB3221E206FF6E1DC326C3D7FE6AFAC

MD5 x86: 3270F39E33FDDACE25EFA1AB35FFEAE6
MD5 x64: 7F5CF812E757D65E0CCC68629C73C45F
MD5 x86 N: F45F02D62F8F573E6B222CF8A4D61323
MD5 x64 N: 3AE110112FEF955F58F4D2F67E7964E1
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 970AEC193AA79C6A05E7114E1BE6D7E1
MD5 x64 Enterprise: F90A424A0D1E9FDFB9DDBB59BFAA053B
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: F18A2EE0E8CA3BE21DF36D12533098E9
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 9AF5B425BE958FA99FA0CB0D5804C913

MD5 x86: F1C6EBCD2FEA45F7520D7F0C4335DE19
MD5 x64: D18956F64E8A7388AAD6694C015FD5AE
MD5 x86 N: A5B196A620AE9185D38DE0E70267AA01
MD5 x64 N: B89F76C3A1F9A15F2F583CE38D9740EA
MD5 x86 Enterprise: F279DB516312F74988E9831CF19BC544
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 27F06F67A856E35E8AA6ED72815DC1CB
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: A581A3D1602DB220EA4F08CB7B630433
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: D2BC9780DE378C9A8FAD8F33465E85FC

MD5 x86: AB309EA0E175734D2F286A2C714BD54C
MD5 x64: 62CF81F46437DE400E336622BA1BA483
MD5 x86 N: B55C3BC8B811B655698FD961412AD1DC
MD5 x64 N: 664BE558D834BB91CE5E1A3CEE2F7DEC
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 7ED66C017A4E298ADE7DFD91536D1FE3
MD5 x64 Enterprise: F5187769E5A68DFA141450F22224D958
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: B163D9AA3D09B111C428D9138F56B82B
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 7CC95043A5B0F5B03059838CE49657BB

MD5 x86: 126AC366CA3AE604D984EB56A611971E
MD5 x64: 91B44FD652549D0BAF96160CEBF7E231
MD5 x86 N: 9754FB9B737165BD846DB25F82A102F1
MD5 x64 N: 4736AAB029F49C28CADB7B5BFDAA41D6
MD5 x86 Enterprise: EBF264C2DF278400A42085B38952AE15
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 051676CABC553771C703E4E7886B8080
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 8E9C0A319F051B85ACE86D21B8425321
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: D1CFD44DD24758491B51D67D78318933

MD5 x86: CAFE0056101B07A93AEFB3437840760F
MD5 x64: B60BB7076F626083EF650B1F96370C96
MD5 x86 Enterprise: DFF7BF418DE7656D8EC02C2569439300
MD5 x64 Enterprise: C1B02C180B710203D3197243977D4435

MD5 x86: 316B88A4E1E32CD65124708156BEA17C
MD5 x64: BC7FEB0599D565EAB9E882996D313D1D
MD5 x86 N: BD25E19CD4A3BE88A2297F479B533944
MD5 x64 N: 4B7A0826636D19B8FC4BDCECE62CB22F
MD5 x86 Enterprise: F7C597E36EFCEFD7E30BCFF15AD02040
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 8F72F7EC98E016E92A491027AD92147A
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 40B36C333459904F89743AD9EB5FF03D
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 7428698C453E91536F7585361861B06F

MD5 x86: 50E4B1D5583B58A57DF60ED8C22DD465
MD5 x64: 460807112E0A9C42D9AE45C07110C6D1
MD5 x86 N: 5C7F37F4804CD1430C8B549A873F1328
MD5 x64 N: 242DE319BB315C8A87E339F048E36EE6
MD5 x86 Enterprise: CE6EBE204B0D9657822397E8FA5BD5D8
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 510153721D6FBB5488DE1E688137BB22
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: AE2902F04075AD487A128E1062388851
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 2C68865E0C3FA16489D3D082F9A9B799

MD5 x86: C6929CFAAEE9ED4137B97D99D60A7D98
MD5 x64: 1DAC451675AAE76042CA39126CF27CD7
MD5 x86 Enterprise: AEB8068A8BCA8EF23F645E592C804DCD
MD5 x64 Enterprise: BF107960BC2ED8AF63C46C0652A51C02

MD5 x86 K: 2C8E0C3B0F00F882806091FE5E39673A
MD5 x64 K: 1E45E6F7E967143A418C2EE5AC297CC3
MD5 x86 KN: FB8CECBEF3445BE8EFC83F358A9F43D9
MD5 x64 KN: 751539E9C924871AD7876BF805B74376
MD5 x86 Enterprise K: C612033FC9C867DD363C1F7BE11334EC
MD5 x64 Enterprise K: 2582CB10A56FAA9E96FB11479CDA89A4
MD5 x86 Enterprise KN: 91AB3870E804A90CFF2AC0349B07F7C0
MD5 x64 Enterprise KN: 43F23A51BF9204D024398A275C014928

MD5 x86: 23860F3BDAA5AFE28DDBA7CB6925662C
MD5 x64: 4A35D441DF799DBEF5A7994794A89C0A
MD5 x86 N: 8D1AC6E26073572608AD141C76CBFA62
MD5 x64 N: A9A1A460C3DFF207595AE78353B63679
MD5 x86 Enterprise: A29F81F0AB9FFFDE84DB430D692B8F44
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 703686B2C5D69696F4BAFEF9606162AA
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 2E357FA76E5904C247BC4AC59C3F9193
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 541A3E9EFCED65EBD7F0063495D0AC6C

MD5 x86: 351C89CE7124B1BD6D191BA9EA9EBD8B
MD5 x64: 1333218AD9919785AE10D3BF4A8E07F5
MD5 x86 N: 7B3801963A403DD798281BBA5199636D
MD5 x64 N: EF8AF05893789B4BB425878E8C5E28D0
MD5 x86 Enterprise: F10A8E9543EDBEFF26AA479312EC2D42
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 4BAA3FE6450B30E6AAB0D3158466F85E
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 4E3432457463D835D569DA002D0CAE3A
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 2D4E6B094E9ED503C7F504823324B78C

Multiple Languages:
MD5 x86-x64-IA64 Service Pack: 9B0EA3588B8C8ABD7EAD91BDFE6CE3F8
MD5 x86 MUI Pack: DE23FE0711984BD0B9FA18E6BAED66CD
MD5 x64 MUI Pack: FC8F0E297AD646835C953436D100137B

Norwegian Bokmal:
MD5 x86: C4950B350922ECAE12EE11188FAED297
MD5 x64: 3D3D2A58C8EE3496FE4490EF506A18BB
MD5 x86 N: F70F10B967E1BF68E1045C738CADA0E3
MD5 x64 N: CAAB612E42E34D7A90893B38D57EFBCD
MD5 x86 Enterprise: FE02F1F91FA315267B0DFFDE8102883C
MD5 x64 Enterprise: A3E709C039405FA31F615266A7434C46
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 4C068B33AFA969D527A2454B2A817ED4
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 0914427594299B8076384A5447515CE3

MD5 x86: 6AF567F02B74B06D48AC7C8E5582A8B1
MD5 x64: 7372DA0D00084C19D0435F2F7D693F57
MD5 x86 N: A16D86C1AD4937081FCA5A6DF2A6CEA1
MD5 x64 N: 29A45BF3FD82F806DBC568EC2D7CE7FA
MD5 x86 Enterprise: B9C326D42C4CD959B37B723B13952541
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 40C6F049F3CBC013061088D5185E40DF
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: DAC03F54F35590AD8DB70657C33A1ABB
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 8BCFB5D1F58F90BD177D12976677501F

Portuguese Brazil:
MD5 x86: D862F9977FE8FB31E1EE1974DF7815C5
MD5 x64: 20B2FDB3782CA7EDDC7EDC3A92B67A41
MD5 x86 Enterprise: B1982090CAF22D2512CAEE4A4C05B508
MD5 x64 Enterprise: E742CC42B243FED47C839018D6932B2C

Portuguese Portugal:
MD5 x86: 617A77A7C097E4193C79E4C8EAA64E3C
MD5 x64: 425EC659E808FCE62ED064F972F59D10
MD5 x86 N: B5C113FA7CDE5304A20EE2975481CFA3
MD5 x64 N: 04FD97D600F1CBA36D305A7194487D2E
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 0D843E33FD0E748A9C9F75B796179210
MD5 x64 Enterprise: F10AA56D86A5184B94DF6E9DF1CA56EE
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 6AA5FA200CFA5B1BA7CE44CDC6A882AA
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 78DAA631C79A9205E597F94978981361

MD5 x86: DCA865839330FDF858B230E089EE6815
MD5 x64: 3950D8D4382CA6BAB872562238787F26
MD5 x86 N: 67DE4BB6D64A18FDCBF862BEA3663BD6
MD5 x64 N: 0C16D7BF3153F2B6DCA5B88ABE05B86E
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 0A3834405147D1FF031BB373530B22B1
MD5 x64 Enterprise: CA3468B6198F12EDCBC1E33F956D094C
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 7A473A355C2BDFF8F17014450D992CBC
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 9B04EDAF37208F1FF8B49ECD9C9E41A3

MD5 x86: 21A69779195F3E651A186DA1A27CFE7D
MD5 x64: 10963967C12E6B58D346054F51AFF5C1
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 67C42A99B7F9EC502C14942B4F26306E
MD5 x64 Enterprise: C52FF90B564CAD4CC2D4AE696FF4DCED

Serbian Latin:
MD5 x86: E9BBCC942C3FB0603A2FE86427079BEA
MD5 x64: 67E36AA88E9069F0564C7B56315D6B5C
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 09FA754E6BDF52EFA4ED428A7B419661
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 5491219B84BD4B6679C4BA93C371438F

MD5 x86: 3B887C10FECB4FA0C8FA6E1DC5F01ADC
MD5 x64: 7A8D360F942779060A78C7AEB14744EC
MD5 x86 N: 3316312F8D9A5F3305ACD692A3B75E0C
MD5 x64 N: A030696E5387FC02C08B8F8676DE6605
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 5CAD6C03D6C6525806DCEA46D85B3CEA
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 805F2502C6B428A514062F24B8E08E45
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 0B6FC854B61F0C585AE214745D81D713
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 65BF0F779F031DF752EA405672E5F8F2

MD5 x86: 573F9BC0C0D9987B071850AD3D8492E3
MD5 x64: D771C95A017EAB8B51B09D4A7F12F6B4
MD5 x86 N: 808308A5C5EC5FD344875152343E0F95
MD5 x64 N: E721030B88F2EA4849A76885F75A22CC
MD5 x86 Enterprise: AE8CDEB2A912AF1AD78CAE9A8E8660E8
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 0ABCB49F5380F6A0AE05E753CB04E1E8
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: C14132C9E5C11E3444360E6FB8A93820
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: EEF1CEF01B75AF2839C4F79BE721BA01

MD5 x86: 8AE392C08564D4A964659DD2EFE999AC
MD5 x64: 900964AE903A1980318CDBDF7784696A
MD5 x86 N: CA9BF20DBD522126AEAF2F5FD085ACFA
MD5 x64 N: 705910BF45BACBE34F2EDCB773AE536A
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 4FA5FF8B39CBD6BD717DFD0956445486
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 7257BFBB2704EB19E6893205894F9413
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 7EB04ED63E1B234B24F5A66B783CD9CA
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: C2FEE15F97516E0C9EB27338FAE2BF45

MD5 x86: 0ECDC6FDE4DF98BE52A060D57FF1FEA4
MD5 x64: 1E104EB1099E7BC52DF3C848336DD80B
MD5 x86 N: 92B17CF89687477CC7EAFF72C5C94E29
MD5 x64 N: 8DAAAFB04C2FD65162AA04B8EDB0747D
MD5 x86 Enterprise: B878FFE04FF5E11EA89256B87BE65693
MD5 x64 Enterprise: B42E5FFFCE65F29C8CA0492B9C8AE8FC
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 7DD1AE8CF37B71CDAFD97A413A23E4C8
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 466933351BB417DB68A806500194E9F1

MD5 x86: 4CC991F615BDBF281697AEFCDB695BC7
MD5 x64: BB19F4577C5B3AD2A4930094009EEDFC
MD5 x86 Enterprise: F81E7531476D15FB7E25188419B1A027
MD5 x64 Enterprise: F0B2204434B74303BE7F188951FFA62A

MD5 x86: E255E7803144633C43BECB92B3F59221
MD5 x64: 4308F90D52BE8CBD101F632A7DB93AEB
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 00069E1E3A1006B790AF9CEE9A8CCF83
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 03BD00E5E3C6E84C98EE89FB610D7229

MD5 x86: B83F6B21EAB0F10D03E17899441C2982
MD5 x64: 58426426904100C865995103311B0F71
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 6B66133C1B066C6BBC475BAEF5A5AA14
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 7F7C20175A8AF029812C719E51404347

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