Microsoft Windows 7, 6.1.7600.16385


General information
File format
  • DVD
Bootable Yes
Architecture x64, x86
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Install information
Full buildtag 6.1.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255)
BIOS date 14/07/2009
Product Key n/a


Released on 22 October 2009 after more then 3 years of development.
It introduces several changes since Windows Vista, the most notable is the Superbar which replaces the taskbar and introduces Library's.

There are 6 SKU's which the most have several sub versions, E, N, K, KN.
The E edition was meant for the European Union and had Internet Explorer removed but this version was never made available.
The N edition lacks Windows Media-related technologies and was sold in Europe along with the regular Windows Edition a Media Feature Pack is available which puts the Windows Media-related technologies back in.
The K edition is only released in the Korean language and includes specific Korean links to programs.
The KN edition is the same as the K edition but as with the N edition this version does not include Windows Media-related technologies. A Media Feature Pack is available which puts the Windows Media-related technologies back in.


MD5 x86: 3C5C661A23D99DE88E326B1756F789CE
MD5 x64: 95724DDBD670093562B6309C3733AA7B
MD5 x86 Enterprise: B728E4A0F8CBC748BB97CF8D1A040978
MD5 x64 Enterprise: EAF107273D4CE8CEDA5CCF7ED5CB6683

MD5 x86: 0DA68784317B1D8DEDFA261BA53997F6
MD5 x64: 2F1EB5CFE2A7C156B3683990016E62C3
MD5 x86 N: 3A298AF63A403BF56612A429F35596EC
MD5 x64 N: 751A9A7B78FA336ADCBF457A62DDA4BE
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 24C49B3AE778FB62B6B0D029A1336310
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 3F1FD85DEBB67CD6EA113F98A2507E66
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 3C5DBB7E783B6A5AD124CE082DEC7BED
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: DD50196E7896D3B409EB1B5FB4C0741F

Chinese Hong Kong SAR:
MD5 x86: 04CD8FD7F3B19C4D258DA30258E33981
MD5 x64: B4DE9F973E29970776C9A6084AB69709
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 9E3B63137592343D220A8CFC2B431F88
MD5 x64 Enterprise: FE9A688CBD99B720B252878FEB15B053

Chinese Simplified:
MD5 x86: 3BE75DF53E0CFB3905AF0B4F4471C9F3
MD5 x64: D24247A3574B3DB66D3A2E66CEFBF5AE
MD5 x86 Enterprise: CFEB9C903CEA4F6EAB8A50DD839D195F
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 211C49713392879D9A81E94E72D40DCA

Chinese Traditional:
MD5 x86: 59B18AF92C54E9505548FD39ED3BFDCD
MD5 x64: 699FF0AE743D0C6D81DDF4C33C247B2E
MD5 x86 Enterprise: ED43978274B3CB81DB04172ECB8F09F6
MD5 x64 Enterprise: F56326E5AA3A8E72DAADE4632C7B30D3

MD5 x86: FDA0D2578453895E4F966624B16572BB
MD5 x64: 91B7E6000A568571C56B06123B93D475
MD5 x86 N: CFD3638A78FF0E9D760BA4303B9E1C28
MD5 x64 N: BC14C9AB8DFB0C5A26A4574864711D60
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 236A3A56D411CFAFEFEE4CAB1D4F1A05
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 494479BE0EC73DA6BCCF668EE91BF7EF
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 929E0D0A14D5B2D2FFC464C614E215AF
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: F973D5CE6701DC809A91006821368031

MD5 x86: 24944A587CF92E0D05BA3ECAD48FAB6D
MD5 x64: A810DFFBA64508E1A03FE377E1EDC156
MD5 x86 N: 3C3D936D3B79907C3DE5E77EFCFE6978
MD5 x64 N: 271D4D7839676C9020990C2F058C1A15
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 8DBC1980FFF4881FC649C49B95BC7211
MD5 x64 Enterprise: CB61A70F2479670712F38F517B3D8984
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: C3CEE650D303489CDBBF345E022E0663
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: C7D78CB73BAEFC8BFBE43B0186C5FEDE

MD5 x86: 499758128B3D390D3AEBD128E81E48A3
MD5 x64: 024E9993BEA897E3B21B45B46735A88D
MD5 x86 N: 6FA280BB8BB129399C692A5E80333691
MD5 x64 N: 6D11141C32505D5E9B44A2385E37401B
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 48631651C481CC21FBED85F776613B90
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 3EF9F1CDE8230F49CC082DB7D2ACE7B3
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 7F7FA40A34890CE7FFEECD4CBA376CB8
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 0EB1863FF30B5ABCAC8D28A10E05A74B

MD5 x86: BBADED9626422081A6C40B1A6BFC2FCB
MD5 x64: D8BFA322DC768241BD7F62807734713C
MD5 x86 N: 8A17E57B3332D5B11B26F40C3DA980CE
MD5 x64 N: 487074E0EE05426159A5DB01601A83AB
MD5 x86 Enterprise: DA31181BCDEF81CFE4809E06400C80A7
MD5 x64 Enterprise: B8077F7D8878926E89498EA670D8A793
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 8D3BBD043EC1E19052DB6FFC65415046
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 6BD83C9A871CC2F3B4ABC18C1928B80E

MD5 x86: D0B8B407E8A3D4B75EE9C10147266B89
MD5 x64: F43D22E4FB07BF617D573ACD8785C028
MD5 x86 N: 262D9EFC87012F7E9BA257C4938A8DBD
MD5 x64 N: FC8E7F656E21218279F56381667E8DF7
MD5 x86 E: 923C055E481BD02553B65840B928BF54
MD5 x86 Check/Debug: 4B6832FA41105864AA793716439AD999
MD5 x64 Check/Debug: 4C58EA0AB72F327D498144738E975827
MD5 x86 Enterprise: E88B1F8F5967B2DCAEBB6968E5ABA10F
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 4C8FF758694346E2E9ABCCAEFE816607
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 72C7324FB5150C9F6EFEF16F7446BC44
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 2B0F6FB101FFAAEE1CEE55C97B93CB6B
MD5 x86 Enterprise E: 50EC60C4A7EEA60DA5203C0DF02188F7
MD5 x64 Enterprise E: 4C39DCD0EB95CF5C31BE6C6B397D7231
MD5 x86 Enterprise Evaluation: 62675A3B76D21815367F372961B71A56
MD5 x64 Enterprise Evaluation: 1D0D239A252CB53E466D39E752B17C28

MD5 x86: 8CD6F87E24D1809A7B89BA1520BACB44
MD5 x64: 00963A1773F7547EA415EA20101ACACA
MD5 x86 N: 6B76F2964C84A78B3A12B657F4434C3A
MD5 x64 N: 03E805355657E037719E2CDAC953A795
MD5 x86 Enterprise: A4EEEE3A06FE54533E77B488F77187AF
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 9279D175846BEABFED845B5D4A6DA1D3
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 7E10AF94545DC22B136AFBA9FD9CE098
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 12A44341321E5D9E0823C36B39DC293C

MD5 x86: 13498F2159FE266CFECB736F7B291465
MD5 x64: 889A935B0D16E813254B3A69AAF3747E
MD5 x86 N: 291C8317DB46C730D41881FC8195B050
MD5 x64 N: 1FD0AC65DFCC0EF4C48D349E62385F94
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 381A56C7B0C65F5126E28550805C9A5A
MD5 x64 Enterprise: BF1ACADC76F95C88AF4177FB8AAA0E28
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 007FFF55BC6DD2072E4334639E9326FC
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 11C8BE439DFC009A369D38A1E852ADB1

MD5 x86: 8BB97B4B16DB94259379DBD5F0622CBC
MD5 x64: B78118454BECB177EDD2B138937E1B4C
MD5 x86 N: 315F14235A2DA9490305BBC19BBA9546
MD5 x64 N: 23C382206847C43B5928DA7969F34E20
MD5 x86 Enterprise: B8E81493653A5D1DE1F0095B376B4005
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 8AFF7F6D1C6D43D01CA9C036443000E6
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 5039A9BEAEECF2938E36B8A5EDA6EFED
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 1A8B8F10C95838C54B12E767D6F382DF

MD5 x86: CD3C1672CF4B228F0F8C0D6C512134E9
MD5 x64: AEEA763527B7D962FB9F2BD77021099F
MD5 x86 N: C76A5A869D69C61A5830615EAB822EC2
MD5 x64 N: 685A6ECFC1F81D17C152069C7EEB8F2D
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 814DE9668F3A9D8B09C8C45EDDD03129
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 8EE05FB7CB7D47B09FA27866F4D510F0
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 33C1000C24A0A90BA1993119E262C6C3
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 163832239DEF694F76C06753B2FE6BB9

MD5 x86: AAF873498B3721DE499A3C88F49E688A
MD5 x64: 9EA7B069B95E8B581A82DA9ACAA95418
MD5 x86 N: 812EB40DD452FB928964BA9770662F77
MD5 x64 N: E6D180085EF3994D656CCF576E8A5F79
MD5 x86 Enterprise: C79264C0D3C1868AE027FB016C45C650
MD5 x64 Enterprise: D5E9B01392307C82CA2F8C60A5AEFB40
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 5A1E3389046AE6EE7F163116277F71A9
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 18EF3BFD6574DAE8330F91D36BFF4497

MD5 x86: 6D2507F044AFBED899BC1CF9622D2E2F
MD5 x64: 1078F7899F53DDFE63C9519163337E51
MD5 x86 Enterprise: EFB823F883AA6A060EB0E5E59B35AB36
MD5 x64 Enterprise: AFF9AA99811249919BA639076F5F15C5

MD5 x86: 111A2E4657A552B32B2C8E9CB86D7F3B
MD5 x64: 67FA18D1207C4AB646B3DFD9F50D99FC
MD5 x86 N: 0E179D207BA5683CB439C0F3F02BA654
MD5 x64 N: 2B2B4AD267E2929DD9EB213CF98C7F22
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 4057A7D8F7FFD2A4C0BF7F6CF3702858
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 96D0D1AE06488431D29518CD16C639A6
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 6FF3E4E049BC866F0206EF39EF42635B
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 6C52C183252AA8962A47D6B177068195

MD5 x86: 8F36D750AB2DA1AEE39B345EE2FAF69C
MD5 x64: DC5E78FBFA942FF11FBF274B8985F475
MD5 x86 N: BCDA9091CE17D9B4B748699DCCA48027
MD5 x64 N: 7366FBA411BEAC1EA57240724037FB98
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 6F8281AA426128729904B8FB99CE2076
MD5 x64 Enterprise: FB346FCFD4E54B8F6A0D2ABA2A9FB576
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: AC6809E6963B709082B7ADE2FBFB9393
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 1EDAD05B09705D0E1A5E2F345480D689

MD5 x86: 3353C8133408060B76A5815902EB8B48
MD5 x64: C0A0F634F9A278727C6850FED1275F3F
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 4F6DC7C917C0BCA8D0AB02CE4641E85A
MD5 x64 Enterprise: A34CBFAAFBE642DD35448EF9FE150438

MD5 x86 K: 49181032BCAB9649C3CA601FE8F67400
MD5 x64 K: 05C6A0AB7D1E82885DF0DB9E34712C4A
MD5 x86 KN: 64D7493A64C1B4F58851B733871CD5B5
MD5 x64 KN: F7D2E06A62012ADB79E3A24531650529
MD5 x86 Enterprise K: 5AE5C629DD0A25485A48AC138F4D8EDB
MD5 x64 Enterprise K: B05BAB92F44623159395F533BB86DBFC
MD5 x86 Enterprise KN: D7C9FC84919BE8C822008F0AF6D06156
MD5 x64 Enterprise KN: B17F438BF9FF1BF0A765875E6EC309DF

MD5 x86: F5DE02A1B2A48A7663E66F1B3EED345C
MD5 x64: E0A72DAE650EC4BAF30287FFBBDAC25D
MD5 x86 N: E39CE3A7AE6EF1F4D9149D72745A5501
MD5 x64 N: 5568ADFA0E9AC8C3782BA061331415EE
MD5 x86 Enterprise: A4A16C214E814A4F4412CBB6EA74BB51
MD5 x64 Enterprise: E4648045E4ECBE2191C05EE0C9940367
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 1D028FDA1E4E7DAD4EABBDD4086DC05F
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 803DDE76DBD49ADC10654DE929B4416C

MD5 x86: 1B2044CADD711F43ECF23A5F95054742
MD5 x64: 35C25155A05DA408A715F14C35E7E0C9
MD5 x86 N: 72583371CA00CCE9EF01AD66947A5ABF
MD5 x64 N: 8A1E5B5EB4594D5109891CDAD6F8D2A2
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 3A0D4591D169504426F4B13183204D1E
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 8D6B4515E2F643A1219C1C2EDAD32706
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 6C58665501B57EDCAF1A9F1DD63FC986
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 2743EED91CD725F7DE02968AF0963083

Multiple Languages:
MD5 x86 Localpack: 7C5AA4B2F7B9B2D64F50257A121E816F
MD5 x64 Localpack: 4D7B984F6DB0A7790DACE128370D1E09
MD5 x86 MUI Pack Disc 1: 0DDB893B76F27B184C48284A064D5049
MD5 x86 MUI Pack Disc 2: C6C59A248E727765FA049DA40F480ED8
MD5 x64 MUI Pack Disc 1: 4FD12AD4C946DD145A67C3230650AB8B
MD5 x64 MUI Pack Disc 2: 725209E3F76719C1DC71EB93FC636B17

Norwegian Bokmal:
MD5 x86: 980228CBF6BAD45876597711644B64A8
MD5 x64: 4D9F6D2EA4478759992C0EB84FF94E00
MD5 x86 N: 11693D33354E0BF2C99F0C48A1488AAC
MD5 x64 N: 8DBE5B058647524ADE76293121A51CB3
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 87AC5AFB9438E2EF02E06AC46A04A842
MD5 x64 Enterprise: D9055287E73F0D064D60C612EF1D8A74
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: D673DE751D12A29DC789AF0869D2BDF2
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 0CC896A27F442BCFD10BCBD1A5D1A786

MD5 x86: 1EDDB7172421E37A585BFAE9E5B78FE4
MD5 x64: 7A9D1D6936EFE0C1C4B436B87FF46F55
MD5 x86 N: 7C709CDD5CE2D20449EFA2E0E01D2935
MD5 x64 N: A03C9D769E54A037AB555AABEC9F35E1
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 67223B996EB57AFF15157D78D97119C4
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 391E7F903017F5A418989EF8499E4B50
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: E5FEBF6F16C50BD32EB21570DCFF11DF
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 709CA4C0C2D4B1DC0C19BA72B2B71000

Portuguese Brazil:
MD5 x86: 2BDD6B2C9EC8F1E4B00C16B1219BFFDA
MD5 x64: 0131702A10F90D766CB256B572F6696B
MD5 x86 Enterprise: B4661605E47736FB17392DFA1DB1D3FF
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 42E8423EAF1E284F9567A4E36AEE47B0

Portuguese Portugal:
MD5 x64: F05E7ABCD42D5383C8DEB3E7AEC490CC
MD5 x86 N: 6B286D648E3F5566BB79C0E55FF09BF3
MD5 x64 N: 707E3E03DE2E5E162BB83A7FFE682D74
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 1FBBEA4FBBF1726685A125F974A064C6
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 0B588029B586C58174D3AF1907E8BB96
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 011C958E5BA098F4B3DE3DEDF66C2515
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 8DA4D9DDD150C1B6175752722EB8F0D8

MD5 x86: B4D7652C4B988C362D7E943D184D2022
MD5 x64: 916244AD20B9083547EB5C523D79BB5C
MD5 x86 N: 346996C1C8D506CB1E25231960BC69DC
MD5 x64 N: F7DB70770576CBF6D01347914245A5B7
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 06EB617B43030A227879C0B25F3B89DB
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 4CA042F021672EC753E12A4D9C6B1587
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: C4F50DB0A9C6AE6E60FA1E8E61832892
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 106C17A619541EE59DAF9DDD75A9EE1F

MD5 x86: 58BCA52BB98FBF17295E571DF2CCABBC
MD5 x64: 938E507DE4EFE2A477CC1F825D4FD222
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 78BFC27AF3877CDED648A885C66D0EED
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 86501FE8BACAFE2B86B36C1BA794E5F5

Serbian Latin:
MD5 x86: B85DAD991D2A447325C8DA76FF5AA210
MD5 x64: 4B6E1C61786C5D3A1136D6AC21BFC37B
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 7DF645911651C0E81F8EBDC468B743E9
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 3C11B27ECFB40D20A6C4AA3D6A022C59

MD5 x86: 4C5B3FC6A856E96A60AB4B48FE1DD82A
MD5 x64: 63896809F31F0C69FA27328789359B2A
MD5 x86 N: 9E12AF6B4B4B4B9D01CA2BB63327F7B5
MD5 x64 N: C06BBFA9457BED78227A6D72FB82B0A2
MD5 x86 Enterprise: D7A1FE333435E083054AD6E7753E4299
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 126AEAF9DC2394431077086218C9F27C
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: C29E87B7326E70F952F6CC7CDE68B2DF
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: E875332B453E07D7FE276369F4857A90

MD5 x86: 4B90B3D70EBF0CF64EB830857B41598C
MD5 x64: 0B9610D52B2543000CE60273EDF83797
MD5 x86 N: CD8D0FE6A89BF7D764148B73E2CEF04D
MD5 x64 N: FFC2222A1FC2074280514D610946CABA
MD5 x86 Enterprise: B66890BBC5F43BBED5C800512A5EFC7F
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 6BFE678F763DD8D6D00386439BF74035
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: A91286605A7ECA28B97EA2FA4F12E068
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 5106C6D80D659258E89AA9B344482076

MD5 x86: E9BF5A1E243AA6178CDF3E5D20A086F5
MD5 x64: 4DB9337908E52BF5872ED6CB37C71D09
MD5 x86 N: B6090D6249B8E65E8FA8E8CB622E466F
MD5 x64 N: 63326EE4E3458D469A07CE14F539E0C2
MD5 x86 Enterprise: FB16DA9B2C024062DCA72C2438A9A6C0
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 602846DC2BFE03F8C9C23B39ED66BE9B
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 1FD945DA29C65A683FEE06F49DD506AB
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 717797AEC2034830DBB3D349E5F63C10

MD5 x86: 957B3CCF7DF10E1AEDD27A1C7F4D4AD4
MD5 x64: BC5EB21B7DF7013F73D755FFE7718827
MD5 x86 N: 3C217BF5D3F7657E2AB6A2C42AA301B9
MD5 x64 N: 5DE942D97DD4310E7EE7AA81F2F34F8A
MD5 x86 Enterprise: B0CD262EDECC8C376553CB26DBB6BDD0
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 38082711C7FB84E7828E84153866C9A5
MD5 x86 Enterprise N: 107013FD1A4C623D8354CE8953E9EAC8
MD5 x64 Enterprise N: 47380823C18194B065A771609D8A22EA

MD5 x86: D83E398F450575D5054AAF6DF72070EC
MD5 x64: 08BC22BA032D121775BBBEA31319716C
MD5 x86 Enterprise: CC9985BB05E9C79741D50ADFBC0D013A
MD5 x64 Enterprise: FB77D787E375A7EBFB02EC9220B46BAF

MD5 x86: 5E0836A2B670FA5F9DA4726BD0795B45
MD5 x64: 154B89EF883E17A0A5D107BF4D91C44B
MD5 x86 Enterprise: BC248B6795D9B9A3A0BBAECFFD2CF5D2
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 683E8D89165655C423E0A79A22036A9D

MD5 x86: ED40EC111F0461F030DBE88A8181413F
MD5 x64: AECC4E2852905DAD3A8A862994A8AD0F
MD5 x86 Enterprise: 8565713E798D10D80F64CAB46A6DD3E0
MD5 x64 Enterprise: 866B9DE29ABA12ED5C67031F200EACCF

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