Microsoft Windows 3.0, 3.0.14


General information
File format
  • Floppy Disc
Bootable No
Architecture x86
  • English

Install information
Full buildtag 3.0.14
BIOS date 23/02/1989
Product Key n/a


A very early build of Windows 3.0.
The looks, including the MS-DOS Executive are from Windows 2.1, but this build identifies itself as Windows 3.0 Debug Release 1.14.
It doesn't include any applications, just the files so it can run.


SHA-1 Floppy 1: D756AD2290BC038127EC193B5B9BBFEB9B735E0D
SHA-1 Floppy 2: E1946D48E3B7C892BC1EE316A4D8DCAF596C2090


Use PCem (tested with version 9).
Boot with a MS-DOS 3.31 Compaq OEM, Startup Floppy, use fdisk and format to partition and format the HDD.
Then input the 1st floppy of Windows and type setup.bat C:\Windows and when asked, change to disk 2.

Since you don't boot the Computer from the HDD, use MS-DOS 3.31 Compaq OEM, Floppy 1.
Add DEVICE=C:\Windows\HIMEM.SYS to CONFIG.SYS and then boot the VM from that floppy, pressing ESC at the Compaq OEM Fast Startup.

Then just go to C:\Windows and run win386.

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