Microsoft Windows 2000, 5.0.1946.1


General information
File format
  • Compact Disc
Bootable Yes
Architecture x86
  • English
  • Professional

Install information
Full buildtag 5.0.1946.1
BIOS date 14/12/1998
Product Key n/a


With this build we are now in the Beta 3 of Windows 2000 and Windows got a makeover, you notice that Setup has a new background and the stages are finalized.
It removed the Windows NT 5.0 and Workstation branding and is now using Windows 2000 and Professional instead.
You also notice a new ''Please Wait...'' box before the new Login Box.
The Explorer has undergone several changes as well, including a new winver.exe look, while the Start Menu is rearranged it still uses NT4 icons all around the system.
Also Outlook Express has undergone a face-lift and looks like the final version that is even in Windows XP.


MD5: 5DA0C55C8CC27626702DE603410FA0C7

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