Microsoft Windows 1.x, Alpha


General information
File format
  • Floppy Disc
Bootable No
Architecture 16-Bit
  • English

Install information
Full buildtag Alpha
BIOS date 01/02/1985
Product Key n/a


This version of Windows installation is still via a batch file.
After installation there is a small change in the UI, but still includes basic applications such as the Calculator, Control Panel and Reversi, but also includes some sample applications.

One interesting thing to note in the MapMode Application is that the About window is a overlapping Window, but wasn't introduced in any official releases until Windows 2.x and it also not found in the Beta.


MD5 Floppy 1: 17AECC09BDC2AD94D0A844365B85322C
MD5 Floppy 2: 6EA57E72137CCD76A93D2B5AC20CE5B9
MD5 Floppy 3: 57277370939C5AD0A027F7E7AFE56C85
MD5 Floppy 4: 9B8B76B21B10C63B3DF14137F599A669


This version of Windows needs special requirements or it doesn't install, specifically the Timer and Bus/Serial mouse, it isn't emulated/virtualized by Virtual PC or VMware.
The use of PCem v0.3 configured with a IBM XT at 16 MHz is recommended.

Once configured, boot the Machine with a MS-DOS 2.1 Bootdisk and format the HD.
Copy the wininst.bat to C:\ then run it and follow the instructions.

After the installation setup starts Windows for you.
But after you have rebooted you need to change to C:\windows\test and run win.

If you recieve an error that say's that OpenAL32.dll is not installed on your system, download the file below and follow the instructions in the Readme file.

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