Microsoft Windows 10 v1703, 10.0.14965.1001


General information
File format
  • Cabinet File (.CAB)
  • Electronic Software Download (.ESD)
Bootable No
Architecture x64, x86
  • Arabic
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Taiwan
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • English United Kingdom
  • Finnish
  • French
  • French (Canada)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian Bokmål
  • Polish
  • Portuguese Brazil
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Spanish (Mexico)
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Education
  • Enterprise
  • Home
  • Pro
  • Single Language

Install information
Full buildtag 10.0.14965.1001 (rs_prerelease.161104-1700)
BIOS date 05/11/2016
Timebomb 01/05/2017 (+177 days)
Product Key This build accepts Windows 10 license keys.


Release Information
This build is released to the Fast ring users of the Insider Program on 09/11/2016.
Official announcement:

Improvements and fixes
*) Controlling external monitors from tablets just got easier;
*) Sticky Notes update;
*) Windows Ink Workspace Improvements;
*) Enhancing the Address Bar in Registry Editor;
*) Improving Your Hyper-V VM experience;
*) Fixed the issue causing Internet Explorer to crash a few seconds after launch;
*) Fixed an issue where, when using Cortana in French (France or Canada), the “Prendre une ” (take a picture, video, or selfie) command was redirecting to a Bing search rather than opening the Camera app as expected;
*) Fixed an issue where the tooltips for the taskbar notification area items would be incorrectly sized after a DPI change until rebooting the machine or otherwise signing out and back in;
*) Fixed an issue where File Explorer might crash when creating or renaming a folder on a network share;
*) Fixed an issue resulting in the text on the Outlook Calendar tile on the Start menu being slightly fuzzy;
*) Fixed an issue where deleted files might reappear in File Explorer with a 0 byte size;
*) Fixed an issue resulting in a Windows Default Lock Screen window sometimes appearing after logging in;
*) Fixed an issue resulting in File Explorer crashing after right-clicking an app in Task Manager and selecting ''Open File Location'';
*) Fixed an issue resulting in vertical lists written in XAML, such as those found in Groove Music, unexpectedly animating in from the side;
*) Fixed an issue resulting in Cortana crashing if you typed ''Create an appointment'' then clicked on the resulting suggestion to ''Create an appointment'';
*) Fixed an issue where in Microsoft Edge, after cancelling a file download, the progress bar for the next file downloaded might appear to be stuck at the point at which the old file’s download was at when it was cancelled;
*) Fixed an issue that could result in the Japanese Input Method Editor (IME) periodically showing the candidate window in the upper left corner of the desktop and not being able to enter text into the Office 2016 apps and some other text editors;
*) Made some graphics improvements so the system will now respond better when WIN + L is pressed while playing a full screen game;
*) Updated the ALT + F4 Shutdown dialog to better respond to DPI changes when connected to an external monitor;
*) Updated our migration logic so that going forward from Build 14965, preferred UAC settings, startup shortcuts, and File Explorer folders that had been pinned to the Start menu will all now be preserved across upgrades;

Known issues
*) Double-clicking on an Excel document to open it from File Explorer will crash Microsoft Excel. The workaround is to open the document from within Excel;
*) Microsoft Studios games like Microsoft Sudoku, Jigsaw, Minesweeper, Taptiles, and Treasure Hunt may freeze at the splash screen on launch;
*) If your Surface Pro 3 has a SD memory card inserted, it will get stuck at ''Working on Updates 22%''. If you remove the SD memory card, the update should complete normally.


x64 Core {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 2BDADD97BBE52C8E75E61044FBED6BCDD229F65C
SHA-1 Russian: 10BC8C0686E35B6E18F6D5082481512223860ABF

x64 Education {ESD}
SHA-1 Dutch: 20255BF150570D3ACEE38A13EB7877CDA31CF51A
SHA-1 English: E6FCE005ACD9FA7B29CB42F97A316DE7D2AD43BB
SHA-1 Russian: 73D710D6E37D229E5791194A7A3B44E84A008C2C

x64 Enterprise {ESD}
SHA-1 Dutch: F89BAAE1F93446F438AE9BEA1EA2691CD80D707A
SHA-1 English: 6F4C836D7CA99EF9B0D669E6A018B1E870E4EE55
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: 0637AA1ACBC2306BD66D907A392946C31C86092D

x64 Pro {ESD}
SHA-1 Chinese Taiwan: 2D7889FE50A61A7B07BB52C5E47989174312BCAC
SHA-1 Dutch: 948E6865A8B76C1C54C4F251EA415BD794DC59B3
SHA-1 English: EE435177B1D2AF1B9D1F586E2AD7C4ACF0AE0CA1
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: A0FDD90A395A24B2382B73BB4167421BBB95EE95
SHA-1 Italian: AC3E95AFEFE76606E4F7CAB2BB50B34333DF17DD
SHA-1 Russian: A66F87F7080BBD0734459821057886364BFDAE6A
SHA-1 Spanish: 4CBE32330C10EE32D306CD79050454D41426C8C0
SHA-1 Spanish Mexico: 24C905950A9293CE90E68F3D8711FA06C1BED443

x64 Single Language {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 33DC1F1B158A3D26693E9B70C8D726847033C0E1

x86 Core {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 08DE163AFB9E8D400EB4B57A81F980CE76072AA3
SHA-1 Russian: 6A6F36029E88F15F26CFE69FFB7274A3A28E92BE

x86 Education {ESD}
SHA-1 English: B9112FFD7C83FF8E2BBA40E4A838F6482817F261
SHA-1 Russian: C8103AF32CEDC4B79232D988A92EC6FF8D7695EB

x86 Enterprise {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 6349E44E17243A6E40EA3E221651D31430AF895C

x86 Pro {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 2F88A2FA37AC2566B6B7D8E62EC3348FA8FDFA22
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: B1FEF507E79F78AFAA782D619738F2EC921D7FB0
SHA-1 Russian: CEC0B64CC19F089407B2749F7FA0A82D936732BA

x86 Single Language {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 9FF6850F7C63DD24CE5939C61C7B316FB2137890
SHA-1 Russian: 195562D9EC2F923C41A09E0159B1EA982B690CF1

x64 Language Pack {CAB}
SHA-1 Arabic: 56444C0A3F8974B5A2E871094D597AC699A491CA
SHA-1 Basque: F25E75B676B87A8AADA112AD3A6236CB25F20A03
SHA-1 Catalan: 31F9227550C8AB7752CFFC490E2D765E6736CA0A
SHA-1 Chinese Simplified: DCFAB45BD1ACB0FB74C2CFDA1B8E27C8992048D0
SHA-1 Chinese Taiwan: EF203219D1FB5F897FACAC66BA07FA8E279153FC
SHA-1 Czech: DA6539D0DEE03704CBDC4BE0A2B39CE0284BD7B1
SHA-1 Danish: 6628B124EA624AF990FD9E1199423504A62169C3
SHA-1 Dutch: A7A0BAC7B7459DFA8BF8DA5A30A286C1E44EB47F
SHA-1 English: B19717504046D896118533E49BEE1481C77BE70B
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: 7FA29329BA6719D507A466E58558AAE946F68606
SHA-1 Finnish: 94E781C85932A7798D387047005A5F2AD136C326
SHA-1 French: B5A0819577A09FC9CB0C9CC10DA22CE97279E1BE
SHA-1 French Canada: E507808F133B01052CDF110698C77A945D354751
SHA-1 Galician: 37CA7509F7790BE6941356F90DFD3C6ED702A364
SHA-1 German: C65EA9C3CF7E4379536CEE82BC8ED7A36ADFC85E
SHA-1 Hindi: 128672D98772ADE3A782A5CA3FDFB40DBC9A4C54
SHA-1 Indonesian: 9EC9BB96CEBB31FF0AB06B2D65305796629A5777
SHA-1 Italian: 8B47B07129B71C064C116F76E06A08120E4E408F
SHA-1 Japanese: F2A8274564B3D8040D76A4384ACF6459F9D4CC3A
SHA-1 Korean: 0C8C0827BACA392B1B9503C0A0250FC785AD23C3
SHA-1 Norwegian Bokmal: 068826A6AAB8499785603413E486C4F19B7D78F2
SHA-1 Polish: 4B4CD1DAA889FAD6CDDE5033C87D8265A882EEDA
SHA-1 Portuguese Brazil: EDA051F8E554657D25305F70A393E5BE6B6A3CA4
SHA-1 Russian: 1BCDB04D6C3706FA329D1F614A24930D621CCA8E
SHA-1 Spanish: BFDA2F6C9F0ACA091597C16B88E1150F091CF3DA
SHA-1 Spanish Mexico: E9052DA48E6599C180D61211BCD542CE8F873A01
SHA-1 Swedish: 33D67BDA827BD423DE9E179D58012E75E44F7A65
SHA-1 Thai: 70373EF0AD9FFDB542D8A9248CFB1761DB81AE72
SHA-1 Turkish: E456AA6BBF36A0DC529828336D39B2968503D55A
SHA-1 Vietnamese: B7A33A9C53B2C676BEA5D34C73BDCF557EA43D84

x86 Language Pack {CAB}
SHA-1 Arabic: 2A544FF5AF02A14E0048A2F393CC433308E31DC5
SHA-1 Basque: 0E81C76EBAC8FC954E04B87B034672EB7E8F243A
SHA-1 Catalan: 7607884A09CFE7C717403F34688A3F56B51DF784
SHA-1 Chinese Simplified: 5C9A10772873ABC4964006D39ED918EC7E47490E
SHA-1 Chinese Taiwan: A4E906531EE99B3C88BAC0CE88311F85A7343873
SHA-1 Czech: 61D0062A60B80951ACF32B87B53D6A216DDE0895
SHA-1 Danish: 5A4645D8C61E4B32EE2A3BBC83D68AB1966EA0AC
SHA-1 Dutch: A02BF7BF515E11A77DE6D8DB04D3A94285EFF00A
SHA-1 English: 150F7E930F20DA6EF1D8E18382A082F4436BC6C3
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: CD0AD1217DC43B75E0D3B93B6F07B7BAB541F645
SHA-1 Finnish: 9FFCA56C964D407B199B53538EF13A6A7A655454
SHA-1 French: 7AA797CC867BFF86176DAECB1E000C5273EEC860
SHA-1 French Canada: D0948DFCBC27DBD822610A17D4EEC36A188DA769
SHA-1 Galician: 3088D7C4F348E4762B15AB5331E873BE527AFE56
SHA-1 German: 17C8D50152421C924E4203FB73118D9DBBF88B38
SHA-1 Hindi: 32F2EFE3BD162150F1763D73541059D8425A14A7
SHA-1 Indonesian: 2D83BC08757FD85EB434D1A35FF69D91EA715BC0
SHA-1 Italian: 567FF9947D67706471DFF1F352AEC7BBD309430E
SHA-1 Japanese: 303E0AC8EDCA430541E0AED9DB921923A1FF3A53
SHA-1 Korean: 5AFE3B16B06D39AB87FF85A122DD4B5578C80E15
SHA-1 Norwegian Bokmal: DD095D185A76B165726CA1D1D973693AF32A644D
SHA-1 Polish: ED5511F54DFFC68DD8261448FFFE24A1F46E6CAB
SHA-1 Portuguese Brazil: F969793E4636AB82EA028191145CCAD6ECA624BA
SHA-1 Russian: 23561C5F4BDAD49A9F6DF1E3EA9929DBEA050E9C
SHA-1 Spanish: A2534827A69675DDEB6AADBF7E232ACA749DC85D
SHA-1 Spanish Mexico: 420CD89F9203DB396D32C109A63C711AF9A37FE4
SHA-1 Swedish: 4D41CC867DED512C0D67E62892395CD8663A4AAB
SHA-1 Thai: 413671386ADF5C30CEAAAEC6BDCDE2FA709EF30B
SHA-1 Turkish: 9CC547FF139CC45B319A78975375751F5FEFE685
SHA-1 Vietnamese: 92F81912F6A893DFE1E8FE21C550A66242850CB6


This is a fast ring build, which updates via Windows Update from an earlier build.
Or you can convert the .ESD to .ISO and use it as a fresh install.

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