Microsoft Windows 10 v1703, 10.0.14955.1000


General information
File format
  • Cabinet File (.CAB)
  • Electronic Software Download (.ESD)
Bootable No
Architecture x64, x86
  • Arabic
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Taiwan
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • English United Kingdom
  • Finnish
  • French
  • French (Canada)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian Bokmål
  • Polish
  • Portuguese Brazil
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Spanish (Mexico)
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  • Turkish
  • Education
  • Enterprise
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  • Single Language

Install information
Full buildtag 10.0.14955.1000 (rs_prerelease.161020-1700)
BIOS date 21/10/2016
Timebomb 01/05/2017 (+192 days)
Product Key This build accepts Windows 10 license keys.


Release Information
This build is released to the Fast ring users of the Insider Program on 25/10/2016.
Official announcement:

Improvements and fixes
*) Added Context Awareness in Narrator;
*) Improved Windows Ink Protractor functionality;
*) Fixed issue where a user can't sign into an app such as Feedback Hub, Groove, MSN News, etc. when they get signed out of one;
*) Fixed an issue where precision touchpad was mis-classifying presses when mousing with one finger and pressing with another;
*) Fixed the issue in which “Reset touchpad” was appearing on PCs that don’t support precision touchpad;
*) Fixed the issue where the 4-Finger gesture graphic would be viewable in Settings on PCs that support only 3-finger gestures;
*) Fixed an issue in Paint.NET where horizontal scrolling was broken;
*) Use " Caps Lock + / " to read the active window title;
*) Improved Narrator’s recognition of edit boxes on the web in Scan Mode;
*) Continuous reading in Narrator is now interrupted appropriately if focus changes;
*) Updated the Trusted Platform Module Management control panel to provide additional status detail;
*) Fixed an issue resulting in Task Manager always opening with the default view;
*) Fixed an issue where attempting to partition a USB drive via DiskPart would fail with the error "The system cannot find the file specified";
*) Fixed an issue where certain USB drives were failing to mount automatically or via Device Manager, despite being mountable using Disk Management;
*) Fixed an issue where Accessibility settings were failing to roam down-level to some PCs running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update – triggering a sync loop and possibly causing some performance issues on those down-level PCs;
*) Fixed an issue where Settings would crash when copying hardware properties from the Wi-Fi settings page;
*) Fixed an issue where files were no longer automatically selected after being pasted into a folder in File Explorer;
*) Fixed an issue resulting in not being able to enter input into the Time or Place fields when creating a Reminder in Cortana;
*) Updated advanced tab of the device properties window in the Sounds control panel, you can now select the following sample dates as the default format for devices that support it: 24 and 32 bit at 176400 Hz and 16, 24 and 32 at 352800 Hz;
*) USB Audio 2.0 devices are now named based on the model of the device;
*) Fixed an issue in Microsoft Edge that prevented dragging content out of the browser to other windows;
*) Fixed an issue that caused Microsoft Edge to crash when using the Share button to share web pages and PDFs to Mail.

Known issues
*) 3rd party antivirus programs can keep from Windows being upgraded successfully;
*) Windows Ink Workspace can crash when using the protractor.


x64 Core {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 1D683F777C408D816AB0AEAD57F1CDFFD36C76C8
SHA-1 Russian: A55C2D46722C96B0D48E8B4FC2DB3451C5A7FEB2

x64 Education {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 41336F904C3E71093DCD581A78F71D095A8FBC98
SHA-1 Russian: 2815CE153BABAF1052BE771B1606D20CC8215176

x64 Enterprise {ESD}
SHA-1 English: E6225B4C132421FFC544DCA1CE8B513B05CD4AAC
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: DF070540FFA263ED9B9789CA849440AC9342B56F
SHA-1 Russian: 6B1C956E35F2705784BB55C8256233DFCE2E2787
SHA-1 Turkish: 3797A7B6A72CFE26CFF470B3AC88061AD5C45AF5

x64 Pro {ESD}
SHA-1 Dutch: 54A0E22E60A27E3B5B6A97CBC76C4888AC3928AD
SHA-1 English: 997EFDD72C5122C0BA024722CD7EA50566B8F7BE
SHA-1 Russian: 000BC69290EAE84FEEED3AA333E1BD3954A3AB7A

x64 Single Language {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 9F86BB190D868B4ED9B9CF919EE83B1AE36ECA25
SHA-1 Russian: 9AEDF41979A917CFDD7242BA3C53D212196E08A6

x86 Core {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 649ED7C7C0E5FC578835391F7BCD736EB9EE0A12
SHA-1 Russian: 0D8583634E5134BBAFEB0A7695BECDDBD0580AB3

x86 Education {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 5066E17A86FB41B32563B27CA5FBB34F9A9F81D3

x86 Enterprise {ESD}
SHA-1 English: C493F83BF30985C78E80077AA766380D28812148
SHA-1 Russian: B85387A00222BD6BE51BFDCF5E29ECE64872469D

x86 Pro {ESD}
SHA-1 Dutch: 9C0A0600F539A728744DB3A72754535B68EC47E1
SHA-1 English: 7AFF910C9C86AB61C17D7B0414134590A7A50190
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: 2F8A12391C5312A41F14C8B2F956018A0AD65BC6
SHA-1 Russian: 9218E53388BACBC2DB41D261D6201733E59185B1

x86 Single Language {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 7280D69E1F989CD74C1E7792B278CA78704CFBC5
SHA-1 Russian: 1B433DDD19DC49643FB7695AEC219B051B4E6190

x64 Language Pack {CAB}
SHA-1 Arabic: 9C3A2D33BCD97C2F9C695F470E1604F571B9F352
SHA-1 Basque: 83ED608CADA476D7F9DB312DF96E647A32C7E6C9
SHA-1 Catalan: 0942CF6498E2094290EE5F11643952145EC97A2D
SHA-1 Chinese Simplified: C78E6F056907542548435DBDEDF3BE86FE75BB0E
SHA-1 Chinese Taiwan: 11BD831EE0BA44FB5A1A8EA948D3394B519BBB6C
SHA-1 Czech: 62C05BB23D4D5AF986677642A7BE651CFCF16B4C
SHA-1 Danish: CDA60EEF3880D7F3DA1442279AAD7A1F1D7720AE
SHA-1 Dutch: BCC75661378484E5134C066F8356D576E780719F
SHA-1 English: 99EEB0291B5F170809E134E3AC154515DC3F32A0
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: 1BC0BA5678E2D6231231614DB29CE9FBD85D9379
SHA-1 Finnish: C72328AA550422B22BC0CE9A290138606CCE6FA6
SHA-1 French: 8857BBF81402D87CB72AA2FE1ADFD5C8A792FC18
SHA-1 French Canada: 910569C5D4544F1D143C6A46999B34520AF197E5
SHA-1 Galician: 8C6F04EBA55C26EC2105EA64E19F4FB45F1DBF22
SHA-1 German: 480E2EF95388326DAC175C8C2ACF93A4063D1179
SHA-1 Hindi: 13BD5F61592EEF3F4716669CAE13F1FFDB8C6110
SHA-1 Indonesian: E8160BF6A67DA6D8F7E264D4E07D4A9BCEA6C9EA
SHA-1 Italian: 59AE7A2D5EB94A212E7DF894DCBDEED500D090E3
SHA-1 Japanese: 7ACDC084379CFDDF03E08FF73A24754382FA03EC
SHA-1 Korean: DBBB9585FA6E2394F9F6438EC6C13A0958D5A605
SHA-1 Norwegian Bokmal: E581028551EAF060C663730953E58CE4C53BAD4B
SHA-1 Polish: D04B5ADD023EFD21C9A3C63D8F1CC1B18BE83B9D
SHA-1 Portuguese Brazil: 145A9821CEF0E41253BF39983B952A8B1EC9F4D2
SHA-1 Russian: 30E62D6FB1E3831A8E37EF0EC3551EFDC16553CA
SHA-1 Spanish: D6CE42AD95AF52FAC1D14AF404467CEF6708141E
SHA-1 Spanish Mexico: 035DB8B85340AD4BAA7887B615A69F97EF207CC5
SHA-1 Swedish: 9A8E93C3C36EB6C535CE985649CF5DAD8D5E3D01
SHA-1 Thai: EB2D2AB8474FE46641242C19DD0C3BCE2639E816
SHA-1 Turkish: 9F7204C4AF7775D7E717DCFA5347A475084C66C5
SHA-1 Vietnamese: D919C7636EEC21529C34B40AA3E8A48D6EEE1EC6

x86 Language Pack {CAB}
SHA-1 Arabic: 983209FD43C6A753D014C8209ED696DBB486C3E8
SHA-1 Basque: B02B1F6B9730C4322146E2F248E24412534EB49C
SHA-1 Catalan: 0224BFDCCD3723AC1076557D95CB70A5E1892F51
SHA-1 Chinese Simplified: C2C7E2B99C3F453A0E93A34CA826B914F8006E48
SHA-1 Chinese Taiwan: 8238E75E50408DCC0440A1A60B85123AF27CF9F0
SHA-1 Czech: 236177479BF766AEEFE4CE392CB86C943B9E29B3
SHA-1 Danish: 1149667D57DF4EDFD66FB3C07F8A743BFB25C5D1
SHA-1 Dutch: F8FE87B40A62FE352895DD8D1ACCE0BB4FEFA4EA
SHA-1 English: 09BE263C1EBACE8B9F203C01DE13927F50EAAF08
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: 71B9261B5BB4A64A5A89DE10BB4CAC99AFC9FA04
SHA-1 Finnish: 66D84BC0CC725EB6EABE39B992278C5DDDA7D125
SHA-1 French: 5CCE910B2D60F3610AC69DB78B0A4B7996E0182F
SHA-1 French Canada: A1F45D5FD5A5D6794D537CDF25FC87303AC32209
SHA-1 Galician: A3F7F3501E87C2C9E7B574176E1B3175DABC3300
SHA-1 German: CFDCB19FB3BAA300DFF8EB1993568DCE6EB83364
SHA-1 Hindi: 85CA763F198CD6FF15DAE5C11EF9D2BFAC6E457F
SHA-1 Indonesian: D57D33B99C90D46DE1EEFAAE518C4CDD77239F94
SHA-1 Italian: 2A7CE2A73589914D6A11C86651FABF9193DB4217
SHA-1 Japanese: 03B65A228E7B4DD46AEB6E11C7FA4DEA6C494C4F
SHA-1 Korean: 66A1966528E2A2CD25C8C3B330D1E3B3D49BFF86
SHA-1 Norwegian Bokmal: A679FCF861B5D5F47991E756A4F3652C8D629E1F
SHA-1 Polish: 65C971246C50F50887BCA2385CB20CAE9C808A70
SHA-1 Portuguese Brazil: 673818992C9A04566492ED0C6B435282F34E004E
SHA-1 Russian: 648BF7394B010F03591BC2B0767ECBF4696B7187
SHA-1 Spanish: F4C0D49FFDB3A8F2CFD37D83089BA27B79BE7F0E
SHA-1 Spanish Mexico: A7D0EF054FED5E45F8E3C778DE9B179185301F06
SHA-1 Swedish: 83ABAFE124E8B5DE4946C6E0947C0EFBAD4BFE48
SHA-1 Thai: D13C628D1EBFC0677392D33AC5ECF2CDF8BD2FCF
SHA-1 Turkish: 9E4078EF9EFB461809CE039A1EAB7474AACB9CA7
SHA-1 Vietnamese: E45B4F9235EDAAB7B15605C178FA7A61BCECFEB9


This is a fast ring build, which updates via Windows Update from an earlier build.
Or you can convert the .ESD to .ISO and use it as a fresh install.

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