Microsoft Windows 10 v1703, 10.0.14905.1000


General information
File format
  • Cabinet File (.CAB)
  • Electronic Software Download (.ESD)
Bootable No
Architecture x64, x86
  • Arabic
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Taiwan
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • English United Kingdom
  • Finnish
  • French
  • French (Canada)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian Bokmål
  • Polish
  • Portuguese Brazil
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Spanish (Mexico)
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  • Turkish
  • Education
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  • Single Language

Install information
Full buildtag 10.0.14905.1000 (rs_prerelease.160811-1739)
BIOS date 12/08/2016
Timebomb 01/10/2016 (+50 days)
Product Key This build accepts Windows 10 license keys.


Release Information
This build is released to the Fast ring users of the Insider Program on 17/08/2016.
Official announcement:

Improvements and fixes
*) In Microsoft Edge on a new tab there is no longer a large blank space between tehe address bar and the web content.
*) Narrator Scan mode for table navigation is now supporting CTRL + ALT + HOME and CTRL + ALT + END for going to the beginning of the table and the end.
*) Microsoft Edge now supports the CTRL + O shortcut for settings the focus to the address bar.
*) Sketchpad and Screen Sketch should no longer crash after trying to change the ink color twice in a row when the ruler was visible.

Known issues
*) Kernel debugging over 1394 is removed.
*) Adobe Acrobat Reader crashes when launching.
*) Cortana’s text to speech capabilities is not working.
*) The Start Menu power button does not open the menu and closes the Start Menu.
*) Apps like Yahoo Mail, Trivia Crack, Google and Skype Translator will crash due to a compatibility issue from a recent platform change.
*) The Settings App can crash on several pages due to a missing .dll file.


x64 Core {ESD}
SHA-1 English: DDEEE286A80952A2F6B951ABE5E43BE6FE9FB1B7
SHA-1 Russian: 5736F16C2F303D22092C4BE853484F3BA5F8C28B

x64 Education {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 09EA9157149C40F8B7753769CBC5F161491AB92D
SHA-1 Russian: FCE55AE4D43B1BE7F5628D9269A979FA3168CB3B

x64 Enterprise {ESD}
SHA-1 English: B0B54954BD33A6A3E12CC80189372EBD2E91DBC2
SHA-1 Russian: 0CB163E7924D0D07BA0964F1F1F14101DB0E3571
SHA-1 Turkish: 1E5CDC095EB57EE75C7E43FC1264D947C75BDFD7

x64 Pro {ESD}
SHA-1 Dutch: E44B17C8771BBA96AE76D1008D3D441CA3E16D20
SHA-1 English: B2339EEE6FFD511A7A558787734760E5C767C781
SHA-1 Russian: 59B30D33DA78620D0E4046E68B3C93FDE3FA5896
SHA-1 Turkish: 8C757AEF90CBAC5528E237C9B766FA753C2E6849

x64 Single Language {ESD}
SHA-1 English: F40D6710FF58DCC84BC1D1BC2E54DBF62F0CBD9B
SHA-1 Russian: 5180C7296A2889E658D3E88965F119626F360DEF

x86 Core {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 69AC76F5FFB7EE46E84F4637692D73C75B1CB383
SHA-1 Russian: BCE936EC3C98AD5A829EBF42AC7F54BC43E5CA2B

x86 Education {ESD}
SHA-1 English: FC344931A9FDA5F5CD724D9D54307FDE536012AC
SHA-1 Russian: 207AB7FF9B4A6E975C120EE45FF67AECCB5DDB6A

x86 Enterprise {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 7E45AFF262C1F51FBA53FD2F0FB2882126855B6D
SHA-1 Russian: 71DF67DF3A539D923AC54258210534BFD6D21D04

x86 Pro {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 5FED754592B1316816826866F1FD2B561A099203
SHA-1 Russian: 1EF48F802223C2A46792411D1AB5B69985DCB799

x86 Single Language {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 851AE6A3C9FEA214CCB2C991BB2AB5FDD44F6A29
SHA-1 Russian: DCDE2AF038A2D36ED82EC7C2F1DD16E73A6B4F72

x64 Language Pack {CAB}
SHA-1 Arabic: B5297F8750F307E4E7DA7BED831DAB9F683A56E6
SHA-1 Basque: 9BA8199C5D7DC5CBD04313FAE6644F30A09817E7
SHA-1 Catalan: 1FC1206EC229A2A4B8F6EF5B29652F76AA7DBF01
SHA-1 Chinese Simplified: 557579E14CCADBEB5DC916D62CDAFEC8C4873F51
SHA-1 Chinese Taiwan: 4A5A32738E2D1F43C404269DC247421FBF2A71D3
SHA-1 Czech:
SHA-1 Danish: A5CDE202002FCC157396088FD25C4079C8639AF6
SHA-1 Dutch: 709CD104F5C968FFA61EB5D2BCB29784C323B7D7
SHA-1 English: CB5C5EA61ABB2C440AA47E31D874C4AD1367F67A
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: 1FB296B29AFD084B5F96584F874E80A89F91B171
SHA-1 Finnish: 24DF5AA66B6341D8E3C1628F3470E4AAB358F872
SHA-1 French: CF77E404272D9DF068A213306D32C6DCF6EB3BA2
SHA-1 French Canada: 9079B0E2ED117857CA762C6951E1DB1971C5B6B9
SHA-1 Galician: 1F5CE8F556330D7310C952E73A2E4EA33AE47405
SHA-1 German: 546F3CB85AC285C2953FA5B1D315639612614BAE
SHA-1 Hindi: AC206467FE3DA8A3823508E530D192454B8059ED
SHA-1 Indonesian: BD8401B00D1100EE3AB99E4942BFFBF235E77996
SHA-1 Italian: 6D67743EE2EC6856C4E68EB66E7A07505D6A5DF7
SHA-1 Japanese: DF551138F2304606A23C6F57A27F0635A58B9879
SHA-1 Korean: D35E2748BDA38ED58CF717690AAA0482D36C6F1A
SHA-1 Norwegian Bokmal: E4948E3B909A8CCEFC388D385A7CD926476E62E9
SHA-1 Polish: 56C4F780DABA1118427E45CABCAA70E4A8CE9677
SHA-1 Portuguese Brazil: 28028E554652A1C9EC56D7F1ED4B71F87C9419AA
SHA-1 Russian: 1E0AB4C644F6A666621522BD9B49D3F815E37234
SHA-1 Spanish: 3E71BAA82E29696B8664112A5278B6A4E086CE79
SHA-1 Spanish Mexico: EE05E8F74654B77B98B5D6BC813B8619A4892FA1
SHA-1 Swedish: 798CC442F5D090C861C14AC3B7B70EF85DD4691F
SHA-1 Thai: 4C495EDAF9B45E10B1871260B43472C56122B8CD
SHA-1 Turkish: 6375EF84460E89A4D949E03281D9BA2437471208
SHA-1 Vietnamese: F167295F4CDA944659145E2CA3E08A8195D176D7

x86 Language Pack {CAB}
SHA-1 Arabic: 4786C4C8E7D5F5F4511F0D8041E8D5DB8320BEC0
SHA-1 Basque: BC29A86D43C878D4E93A6C04611E41BC12D8AE83
SHA-1 Catalan: 9A583BD849E6209B554DBB9E512169463D37964F
SHA-1 Chinese Simplified: 916FB418B874E6000E02D5ADDC86423D2A0938DA
SHA-1 Chinese Taiwan: 7643F9CC91C6237C05BD1CF9840E1A9C173F088B
SHA-1 Czech: 578F4F7AD065BB052A427D1457130653127F5C49
SHA-1 Danish: 33D967795E2216975393225D217AA248F69A7334
SHA-1 Dutch: 89E57B19361CFD97737111EFFAB3762045F94D0F
SHA-1 English: B16FF9E8C760BC93E9B610754B1756B269665BE2
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: 9B97FC4B3603B6580E9F26629F60D201E6FF9508
SHA-1 Finnish: 760A9371E20DFFBE1EF0361C10F9EF1C9EA61F1A
SHA-1 French: 935F2C22CF70368D6E450E18D3A3CF5C84C54A45
SHA-1 French Canada: 3D80D17864D144ED4408BF252BC3A41FEC3B9E39
SHA-1 Galician: E7F953FF3E693F0F65F6F2A8BF418DFC615B7227
SHA-1 German: F17C3EE6A09608F7F44B5BF74AB911B127825FE6
SHA-1 Hindi: C6E1394FD8A7DD8B5EE467A96FBB7F3C6EF8921A
SHA-1 Indonesian: D4CB6ABF7AF55865A3C474BF874F366D60BF5981
SHA-1 Italian: C08BE8F3E17190BEEC29AFD11832FCFEB8B852DD
SHA-1 Japanese: 77ABB5F8E49F46DB5B697FC937523881BAC0554B
SHA-1 Korean: 43F5E111E1778984D4879F9BE2ECF3D60D3DC2AE
SHA-1 Norwegian Bokmal: 14EBE3862A6C2396B1AFF706822EB9E17B7B391D
SHA-1 Polish: 6753686CA96E1B84819791052EA916130D062486
SHA-1 Portuguese Brazil: 08F415536C166DA6619CFF280D7A249655354989
SHA-1 Russian: F29B5C53DF9D4C1FE6C3A93811C33C6F1C5ACCAF
SHA-1 Spanish: 0F5725F09940B4C78A4407D2FB56AAC0C2363FED
SHA-1 Spanish Mexico: F5E5EF7A49CB848AA63273AC99F990CCD94B8002
SHA-1 Swedish: BA1361E88CDB2F9FCDC1CAF5185555076D5B2858
SHA-1 Thai: B7A0885519DDA4536F8C8AD96EC48FFE9E8D8320
SHA-1 Turkish: 5470D538282733B8A9E6D03C42C1C59F6218B709
SHA-1 Vietnamese: B9499F762A58948884229AE4E837D9622FC797CC


This is a fast ring build, which updates via Windows Update from an earlier build.
Or you can convert the .ESD to .ISO and use it as a fresh install.

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