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CAB32 loading error

The earlier Windows 95 (Chicago) builds can display a error while booting and can display the following error message.

     Figure 1: CAB32 loading error
Windows then can't load the CAB32.EXE executable, which is later known as EXPLORER.EXE. To fix this error, follow the instructions below.
When you get this error turn off the machine and put in the MS-DOS 5.0 - TCB Utilities or any Windows 9x boot-floppy and turn the machine back on.
When booted type in ''edit C:\CONFIG.SYS'' as in figure below.
     Figure 2: Windows 95 Bootfloppy
Browse in the file to
     Figure 3: Files & Buffers at 30
And change to it to
     Figure 4: Files & Buffers now at 90
Then save the file via ''File --> Save''
     Figure 5: Save
Now just exit the Application via ''File --> Exit'', remove the floppy and reboot your machine to continue into Windows.
     Figure 6: Exit
Builds affected by this:
  Microsoft Windows 95
  4.00.73f, 4.00.73g and 4.00.81

This page was last modified on: 2nd of August, 2014